A Workspace Strategy to Office Redesign

We all want the best from our staff, but what does your staff need to do their best work?

Do you know the how, where, when, and why they work at their very best?

Our team of workplace specialists uses expert research techniques to fully understand your employees’ needs to develop a strategy to transform your office space and how your people work.

Your staff is a combination of quietly focused introverts, social extroverts, and creative thinkers – everyone works in different ways, and office design evolved with this in mind. Our 45 years of industry experience has honed our workplace consulting skills to recognize the tools needed for each employee type. Our comprehensive workspace strategy program gives you unparalleled insights into how your staff uses the offices and what impacts their work. 

Our office space consultancy approach focuses on space, technology, and people – bringing these integral aspects together to create world-class offices uniquely tailored to your business.

By collecting data and insights from the people that use your workspace, we can create workplace strategies that are robust and statistically proven.  We can assess your current workspace and make informed recommendations on optimizing it for the future to support your organization’s long-term goals and vision.

Our workplace specialists will work with you to deliver the change management needed for a successful project. In addition, we’ll engage with your staff, making sure they know how to fully utilize their new space and inspiring them to embrace the changes from day one.

Our dedicated aftercare means that after your new office’s fit-out, we’ll follow up with you to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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Space Analysis of your Workplace

Our workspace consultants will observe your business by performing a full workspace audit. One area we consider is how recent and rapidly changing office trends have impacted your existing office design. Commonly we find under-utilized areas of the workspace, with other regions frequently unavailable. The scheme and strategy of our office design ensure that the workplace we design for you utilizes every corner of your space.

Our analysis gives us a snapshot of your key statistics, drivers, and goals concerning your office, so we know where to focus our attention.

Technology Used in the Workplace

Technology made the past year possible. Integrating remote and in-house employees will call on technology even more. Our team of expert office workspace specialists will work closely with you to understand your current workplace challenges, limitations, and opportunities.

It’s not just about providing your staff with new laptops, but with all the ergonomics, security, and communication tools they need to work flexibly and efficiently. It’s about empowering your team to perform at their best with the technology solutions that fit your business needs.

The People of Your Workplace

Your people are your most important asset – they are the heart of your workplace. We must understand their needs, make sure they feel valued, and support them to succeed. To get employee buy-in for a new office redesign, we need to see how concerned they are and what part of their job duties would be affected. Once we evaluate the responses from our Workplace Strategy survey, it is pretty easy to see the employees’ concerns for changes to the workplace. A concise summary for management can help allocate resources if efforts are needed to encourage employees to embrace the change.

Workplace Strategy for Return to Work Concerns

Every employee had a different experience with working from home. Some had large homes with dedicated work areas, and some had to share their space with roommates or children. While some people enjoy not having a commute, others miss it and the separation of work and home life. In addition, many employees miss the camaraderie of working with others in the office. Many factors influence employees’ desire to come back to the office, and while all these factors matter, but not all do to the same degree.

Survey Employees for Their Return-To-Work Concerns

To get employee buy-in to return to the office, we need to see how concerned they are and what part of their job duties would be affected. Some of the questions to ask are:

  • What percentage of your time is spent on individual versus collaborative activities?
  • Where do you typically conduct the individual and collaborative activities?
  • What is the percentage for learning and getting feedback – individually, one-to-one, or in a group?
  • How well did your workplace support your individual, collaborative, and learning activities before COVID?
  • How comfortable are you with the support for these activities post-COVID?
  • What changes would you suggest to improve the workplace’s support for these activities?

How’s Your Back To Office Plan Coming Along?

The questions our program will help answer are:

  • What are our staff’s concerns about returning to the office?
  • When to plan for employees coming back to the office?
  • How much space will we need and where?
  • How to reconfigure the office furniture?
  • What additional furniture is needed?
  • What changes to policy and procedures need to happen?
  • How to inform the company stakeholders?

Once you have the data from this survey and evaluated the responses, it is pretty easy to see the employees’ concerns for returning to work. A concise summary for management can help allocate resources to direct the efforts that need to happen to encourage employees back to the office.

Additionally, employee turnover and finding new talented employees is a competitive game. What if the employees you’re competing for are considering companies that have already addressed all these things, plus refurbished lobbies and good end-of-trip facilities, and you don’t? You’re immediately at a disadvantage in an employment market that’s going to be soft for a while.

Jefferson Group offers a Workspace Strategy program that handles all the surveying, data analysis, and recommendations for you.

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Workplace Strategy FAQs

What does the Workplace Strategy involve?

The Workplace Strategy allows us to look at all business areas that impact people and the way they work. We assess the physical environment, processes, culture, operations, and technology to identify risk factors and ensure that any new workplace design is functional and practical for every employee.

By looking at these areas and assessing the impact of interaction on your people, we compile a comprehensive report of how to build an effective workplace that has maximum impact on your teams as well as streamlining costs at the same time.

Why do we need a Workplace Strategy?

From furniture to layout, we develop a comprehensive picture of the impact of your workspace. We will provide you with all the information to make fully qualified decisions about the shape and function of your workspace, understanding the impact of every aspect of your office.

Staff engagement and communication are vital to the success of any workplace project. Our approach ensures effective change management, gaining buy-in to foster engagement.