What is a quick way to refresh & energize your space?

Weekly Workplace Insight – November 15, 2022
By Ben Markham

As employees return to the office, it’s a great morale booster to see some changes to the space they left!  

With time and budget constraints potentially prohibiting a new office model, many companies choose to update or create pantry, café, & coffee areas for that fresh, high end look needed to attract staff and create a more sanitary environment.   

Often an afterthought in the pre-covid world, refreshed eating and food prep areas have now become essential to improving company culture and efficiency.  

Tips, Ideas, Solutions…..

  • Create ‘nooks’ using enclosed booths, hi-back lounge pieces or modular seating  
  • Seating + Table options; allow flexibility for all staff, whether eating alone or as a group
  • Touch-Down areas allow for a quick coffee chat or a stand-up meeting
  • Built-in millwork/cabinetry to give additional counter space + storage
  • Integrated waste + recycling units are more sanitary and space saving
  • Adding microwaves, refrigerator space, coffee machines, ‘grab and go’ food coolers or a salad bar
  • Specialty lighting, green life or water features creates a harmonic, calming environment
  • Wall treatments – wallpaper, moss walls, acoustic panels, branding

Since employees have grown used to accessing their kitchen any time during the day, forward-thinking companies are adding appliances, counter space, and varied types of seating to create a ‘destination’ where staff can eat in groups or alone, meet and interact casually or even relax as their schedule allows.

Want to know an insider secret? Add multiple microwaves to reduce waiting times for staff. They’ll love you for it.