Making Big Changes with
Small Office Renovations


Renovating an entire office can be a significant investment, and the budget and time to undertake such a massive project may exceed the resources of many companies. However, there are still ways to make substantial changes to the office environment without demolishing everything and starting from scratch. We’ll explore several small office renovations that can significantly impact the overall functionality and appeal of the workspace.

Power Beams

Power beams are a versatile and flexible option for offices looking to maximize their space. Power beams are often the spine of power and data for workstations, so the desks are lighter and more mobile. Unlike cubicles, power beams provide more open space and flexibility for adding worksurfaces and collaboration spaces. In addition, unlike open desking, each employee has their own work area separate from others on the Power Beam.

Small Meeting Nooks

Adding small meeting nooks for 2-4 people has become increasingly popular in modern office design. Rather than having another large conference room, employees often prefer smaller spaces with screens for small group collaborations. Glass walls, freestanding partitions, or temporary wire frame dividers define meeting nooks, depending on the office’s needs. Rather than cutting into existing work areas, often unused areas of an open floor plan can be converted into a meeting nook. These spaces are perfect for heads-down and collaborative work for people who work remotely and occasionally come to the primary office. In addition, they provide a welcoming office environment and allow for more flexible work arrangements.

Executive Touchdown Spaces

Executive touchdown spaces are private and comfortable spaces dedicated to four to eight people for a short meeting or an entire day’s work. These spaces are primarily designed for team meetings, optimized to include remote members, and usually fixed in place.

Mini Pantry Points

Mini Pantry spots in the office can be great places for employees to grab snacks or coffee provided by the company quickly without having to go to the cafeteria. Because mini-pantries are located close to work areas, they encourage movement from the desk and impromptu interactions. These mini pantry points are easy to set up and show employees that the company cares about their well-being. In addition, they are often stocked with healthy snacks and drinks to promote wellness and productivity. Mini pantries have become popular as symbols of equality and inclusion as each neighborhood has its individual, yet identical, pantry. No longer are workers measured by how far their desk is from the cafe.

Focus Areas

Sometimes employees want to work in spaces away from their desks that are more comfortable and truly alone. For example, add individual focus areas and provide employees with a space to do heads-down work. In addition, small vignette spaces create a more comfortable and cozier atmosphere for employees.

In conclusion, making minor changes to the office can significantly impact employee productivity and job satisfaction. Power beams, small meeting nooks, executive touchdown spaces, mini pantry points, and focus areas are all great options for improving the functionality and appeal of an office without the need for a complete renovation. By incorporating these small renovations into the office space, companies can create a more collaborative, welcoming, and productive environment for their employees.