What Are Meeting Pods?

Nearly every workplace has at least one meeting room. That room that is fully enclosed and private.  Perfect to discuss sensitive information but also for an informal chat with colleagues, a place to meet new clients or a flexible gathering space. When your office or cubicle is too small, or you need to present for maximum impact, the conference room is the first place you head. Unfortunately, they are popular spaces, and they always seem to be occupied.

Meeting Pods Instead of Conference Rooms

Meeting pods serve many of the uses of the conference room but with less expense, less space and more flexibility with built-in A/V for presentation, video conferencing and charging electronic devices.

The market has lately seen an upsurge in the use of meeting pods – semi-private and stand-alone work spaces, that can be slotted into almost any current office layout. This often means they can be placed closer to work areas and offer a convenient multi-use space for spontaneous meetings or quiet thought.

And they bring a new environment of their own – a haven of calm yet not isolated from the office buzz. The same sense of privacy also blocks any outside distractions, allowing you to focus on the task at hand with no interruptions.

Meeting Pod as a Short-Term or Temporary Office

Need a short-term office for a visiting colleague? A meeting pod with glass doors is the perfect solution just in time.

Meeting Pods for Office Expansion

With commercial space increasingly competing for tenants, investors and landlords could benefit from adding the office pod solution to their properties. Their portable and modular design can be slotted into whichever space is available in a fraction of the time and cost of building a conference room or as a pre-built layout.

Ultimately, office pods are a solution to several trends that have been accelerated by the COVID-19 outbreak, notably hybrid and remote working, multi-purpose workspaces, and the share working office sector. 

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