Jefferson Group Visits the NYC Showrooms

On Wednesday, March 30th, our team at Jefferson Group did a showroom tour in New York City to see some of our favorite lines and reps, including Spacestor, AIS, OFS, Gibson, and Allermuir. While we are very familiar with these furniture lines, pictures and videos cannot compare to physically touching and seeing the products. Unfortunately, it has been a while since many of our team has seen these products firsthand, but it was well worth the wait! In addition to seeing the products, it was great to be in the same room with the people we had only known through a monitor for so long! We love improving our relationships by meeting face-to-face.

Spacestor NYC Showroom

Our day started at the Spacestor showroom, where our NYC office will be moving next tovery soon. The centerpiece for Spacestor is a large Palisades Grid which divides and gives dimension to the space. Covered in biophilia, the Grid includes storage and defines a private nook while keeping the room airy and bright. All the modern furniture at Spacestor is beautiful, including mini lockers that require a key card to open, numerous types of phone booths and pods, and adaptable Bleacher seating with storage. The Residence Huddle and Residence Connect spaces are comforting and welcoming for small meetings or working individually. Their booths are trendy and have excellent sound protection. In addition, they had an entire wall of color swatches in their conference room for seeing firsthand the variety of finishes and fabrics they offer.

AIS NYC Showroom

Following Spacestor, we visited AIS for an in-depth professional tour of their extensive showroom and a nice catered lunch. Some highlights of the tour were the multiple seating options, adjustable height desks, sliding workstations-to-touchdown-space units, and of course, their very popular Divi and Matrix workstation systems.

We saw an example of AIS’s furniture functionality with the many options of the power beam packs, accommodating 2 to 8 workstations in a group. The furniture layout around the power beam is easily modified as the beam houses all electrical and data wiring. With the Power Beam, you can pair the Aloft Height Adjustable Desk, which is well-loved and used by many of us in our own offices.
More than a typical height-adjustable desk, it combines a bench system’s size, features, and functionality with the ergonomic and health benefits of sit-to-stand while working. Upon entering their conference room for online training, we noticed their conference table is remarkably efficient. It is wider on one end and narrower on the other so that everyone can see the screen. This is just another example of how well AIS thinks through the use and function of their furniture. Finally, AIS has all of its colors, handles, and material options prominently displayed along one wall to view the selections and matches of what you might want in your own office.

OFS NYC Showroom

Our next stop was the OFS showroom, a beautiful location overlooking the New York City skyline. They provided delicious snacks and beverages while we walked around their formal showroom.

Their tour began with an overview of the “Obeya” – OFS’s soft architecture product for creating space within a space.
The showroom also included examples of touchdown spaces, single work pods, many different types of workstations and seating, and a sample setup of Carolina, their healthcare line. A big trend is functional and versatile furniture, and we loved seeing OFS’s “Heya” collection. Heya includes a mobile lounge arrangement – extremely beneficial when wanting to reconfigure the office quickly, collaboration touchdown layout, and a fantastic privacy/acoustic lounge configuration. The mobile lounge is trending in hybrid office spaces as it makes it easy for remote employees to get work done when in the office. Overall, the Heya collection is exceptionally versatile and has a variety of sizes, an optional hood, different color combinations, and outlets to charge any device while working. All OFS’s furniture is exceptionally comfortable, and we took advantage by trying every seat possible. We also got a sneak peek of OFS’s healthcare line called Carolina. Carolina is modern and comfortable furniture for the healthcare industry, including cabinetry, lockers, waiting room seating, treatment/exam rooms, and much more.

Gibson’s NYC Showroom

Our next stop was Gibson’s large NYC showroom, which showcases many brands and styles of furniture such as Artopex, Logiflex, Darran, Formaspace, Takeform, and others. We often mention these brands to our clients, so it was great to see the products in person.

Each brand has a defined section in the showroom, making it easier to find and identify each brand’s furniture. The setup of each area is as a working model, so we could test out any furniture we wanted as we walked through the showroom. Gibson’s custom reception desk was eye-catching and a great way to open the space. The desk consists of white and wood accents on the different cubes of the desk, giving it a very polished look.

Another stand-out feature in the space is the Logiflex Wellington base of Gibson’s conference table, which can be customized in dimensions and personalized. The chrome accents are beautiful and give an extra sparkle to the conference room. Our employees were a big fan of the Mind Spa, an individual pod consisting of a recliner chair, twinkly light ceiling, and headphones. So soothing, we thought we might never get our employees out of there!

The Senator Group’s NYC Showroom

Allermuir perfectly ended our day with a satisfying happy hour. We shared laughs while sipping on wine and prosecco as we walked around the showroom. Many of us did not realize that Allermuir and Senator are brands of The Senator Group, so the showroom included products from both brands. After familiarizing the space, Allermuir gave a formal showroom tour. Allermuir has a fantastic color selection and versatile furniture with a comfortable and modern look. Allermuir’s Crate Dividers is a cube-based modular storage system with the prime function of a room divider. They are customizable in length, height, and configuration specific to your space. One of our favorite lines of chairs was the Famiglia which comes in high, mid, and low backs. The Famiglia chair comes in 16 different colors and adapts for lounge and executive spaces. On the Senator’s side of the room, we saw new lines of work pods, whiteboard dividers for offices or education facilities, and a variety of task chairs. Allermuir has a quick ship program that includes soft seating and casual tables, an excellent perk during these times of crazy delays. After our formal tour, we continued to chat and enjoy our time with one another until we had to make our way back to Grand Central to head home.

Join Us on Our Next NYC Showroom Trip

The employees at Jefferson Group want to thank all these furniture lines and reps for allowing us to come into their showrooms. Everyone at Jefferson had a fun and informative day meeting so many new people. We have already started to schedule more trips to showrooms in New York City for the future.