How to Make Your Office Look Great without Breaking the Bank

When you are focused on your business goals, KPIs, and overall success it’s easy to neglect things like office design. However, office design and layout means more than you might think. If you have walk-in customers it affects their first impression. This also applies to vendors and suppliers. Your workplace is the face of your organization. It’s also the environment where your team is working every day.

With this in mind, making your office comfortable and inviting is always a good idea. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it’s entirely possible to spruce up your working environment without spending a bomb.

Powerful Pigments

Pops of color are a great way to brighten up a dull room. Color greatly affects the setting and mood. The right shade can be different depending on your industry or company. Creative companies like ad agencies or marketing firms can have brighter, more exciting tones. In a corporate setting, such as an accounting firm or lawyers office, neutral tones like grays and blues create a sense of trust and dependability.

It’s important to consider your brand colors when making your selection. Reflecting your branding strengthens your image and makes your office unique to your organization.

Choosing a scheme doesn’t have to equate to spending more money. Purchase furnishings and accessories on a budget while reinforcing your company’s brand.

Reconsider the Reception Area

While some offices require a reception area, this isn’t the case for every business, even if you do have walk-in customers.

You may not have the budget or need a full-time receptionist. A lot of organizations, especially tech companies, are replacing full-time receptionists with visitor management systems virtual receptionists.

Clutter prevention

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in running a business. Stacks of paper pile up and can take over a lot of space. Making organization a priority can help prevent clutter and keep your office neat and tidy.

A small filing cabinet will give you a dedicated spot for file organization. A file cabinet on wheels will enable you to keep it tucked away when you aren’t filing or looking for a document.

To your clients, employees, and associates, your office is the face of the company. A good impression is essential. If you are looking to upgrade your office space, reach out to JeffersonGroup for advice on how to make a big difference on a modest budget.