Bringing Warmth Into the Workplace

Bringing warmth into the workplace is a way of bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors in. That warmth can be carried forward in the way products and spaces are designed. A stimulating design can create a sense of warmth in the workplace, creating a comfortable and welcoming space.

Embracing warmth in a workplace design shows an awareness of people’s need for connection, both in their surroundings and with those around them. It also shows an understanding that people want to work in a multi-dimensional environment – social, physical, emotional and cognitive.

Workers connect with their environment through a sense of physical and emotional comfort. How does the space feel? How does the furniture feel? Design details have a huge impact on overall workplace comfort.

Incorporating design details that address a person’s experience and physical comfort – softness, curvature, comfort, ease of use – creates a better relationship between staff and space.

Additionally, settings can contribute to greater emotional comfort, creating stronger relationships, stronger connections, and increasing trust.

Warmth in design also creates a welcoming feeling, which in turn, promotes creativity and productive collaboration. A warm and inviting workplace invigorates both teams and individuals and enables people to feel like themselves and feel at home when they are at work.

An integral part of creating warmth in office design is listening to the client’s needs. What are people’s needs and what do they want? What changes could be made that will make their jobs easier in the future? Good listening will result in a design that is relevant and practical for the user, incorporating appropriate use of space, visual details, and natural, intuitive features.

Bringing warmth into office design promotes a sense of wellbeing and connection in the workplace.