4 Qualities of Every Great Space Planner

So you want to update your office space and make room for some great changes?

Very good! It’s time to start planning but you’ll have to consider a few things. The last thing you want is to be completely overwhelmed by this process. That’s why you’ll need the service of a space planner. Not just any planner, a professional planner, a really great one!

With a space planner by your side, everything from choosing, purchasing, arranging office equipment and furniture, and every bit of the design process will get a whole lot easier.
So, how exactly can you differentiate great space planners from average ones? Well, the answer lies in the qualities. If your space planner lacks any of the four qualities below, you know it’s time to change who you’re working with.

1. Great planners tailor their service to meet individual clients’ needs

If you’re getting services that fail to meet your personal requirements, then something is definitely amiss. A great space planner will set out to understand your core needs so they can design the process to meet each of these needs.

They’ll carefully consider your budget, staff size, time limit, and other specific goals and needs. They’ll also provide one-on-one assistance whether this includes physical meetings in your office for consultations or probably to assist with equipment installations.

2. Professional planners are able to provide budget-friendly options

Redesigning your office or getting new furniture is no piece of cake. For any organization, this is an investment that will definitely cost a significant amount of money. While considering your budget options and core needs, great space planners are easily able to provide design options that can easily complement your budget.

3. Exceptional customer service

Now, this is a demanding task and will involve a great deal of time, effort, and creativity.
A lot of decisions will have to be made. These will include areas such as furniture styles to the choice of materials, as well as the estimated delivery date. Everything from project management to installation demands proper attention and that’s why you’ll need a professional, to begin with.
However, your planner must be someone with a robust knowledge of what the process entails. This professional must also be someone who can offer valuable advice in friendly manners. Their customer management skills must also be top notch if you’ll be getting the best experience during and after this makeover of your office.

4. Great planners provide unlimited choices for clients

When designing your office space or shopping for office equipment, you want to be able to select the best from as many as possible options. This way, you’ll be able to find the very best of everything that suits your office and your ideal workplace design.

Great planners understand the importance of this and so will make various options available to you. Different brands of different equipment in different price ranges will be made available so you can carefully make your choice based on quality, value, and suitability.

If you want to get the best from your office designs, this quality is non-negotiable and must be present in the space planner of your choice.