Modular Workspace Pods and Connecting Walls by SnapCab

We recently attended a virtual tour of the showroom for a new vendor of modular, mobile meeting rooms. This vendor came to our attention when we were researching meeting pods built in North America. SnapCab offers a series of Workspace pods and connected walls designed with future upgradeability. We like their modular, flexible design and the ability to customize. SnapCab’s business philosophy is all about design flexibility and focusing on the individual customer’s needs.

All SnapCabs include:

  • a built-in motion sensor to activate the interior fans and dimmable LED lighting.
  • acoustical tile ceiling
  • sprinkler head accommodation with knock-out panel
  • heavy-gauge aluminum frame
  • stable and sturdy side panels, allowing mounting of sanitizers and other items.
  • 3/8″ tempered glass door with acoustic seals
  • high-load casters (except threshold-free ADA model) for easy relocation
  • UL Listed & Certified

Industrial Strength Door

SnapCab Workspace pods come standard with a 3/8” tempered glass door that is fully framed by a heavy gauge proprietary aluminum channel. The door is attached to the pod with a heavy–duty continuous aluminum hinge. Double seals are attached to three sides of the door frame and with a single seal on the hinge side. The seals provide a friction hold when the door is closed, which enhances the pod’s acoustic qualities. Each pod comes with a strike side post with a 1/2” wide stop to prevent over–closure.

Power Bar

Power bar is standard for each pod size. The bar consists of (2) 110 outlets and (4) USB outlets. If the table option has been selected, the power bar is clamped
to it for ease of use. If the table option is not selected, the power bar is still included, but it does not come installed on any surface. Work and Work+ pods have an additional power supply for monitors and other devices.


The SnapCab Talk models tilt and roll into position and are narrow enough to fit through most doorways.  The other Pods have high-load casters and leveling feet to allow easy relocation as your workspace adapts. 

Custom Look

While all the SnapCab pods incorporate the same design philosophy, there is considerable design flexibility. The pod dimensions, frame color, wall finishes and graphics, seating, tables, flooring, lighting, and handicap accessibility are all customizable options.

The exterior and interior panels are swappable and range from thermally fused laminate (TFL) to an optional high-pressure laminate (HPL) for additional durability and custom finishes. An upgrade to the wall panels includes Corning Gorilla Glass which makes the walls usable as a whiteboard. In addition, any color, pattern, or graphic can go under the Gorilla Glass, making the pod extremely customizable to be on-brand with your organization.

For additional acoustic protection, upgrade the interior walls to a synthetic felt.


Phone Booths

When you need to make a call, join a virtual meeting, or simply collect your thoughts, the SnapCab phone booths offer a quiet space that keeps the background noise out.

  • Small Talk – for 1 person, has 5.5 sq. ft. floor space
  • Talk – for 1 Person, has 8.5 Sq ft. floor space
  • Focus – for 1 person, has 10.5 sq. ft. floor space
The Talk models include a standing height 3/4″ thick desk surface and power bar, while the Focus includes a bench, sitting-height desk and power bar.

Meeting Pods

Private spaces for face-to-face conversations, collaborations, small conferences and coming together as a team.

  • Consult – 2 people, glass partition, has 23 sq. ft. space
  • Meet 2 – for 2 people, shared table, has 14.5 sq. ft. floor space
  • Meet 4 – for 4 people, shared table, has 23 sq. ft. floor space
  • Meet 6 – for 6 people, shared table, has 35 sq. ft. floor space.

The Consult has a small table and a single bench on each side of the glass partition.  The Meet pods include benches and tables to accommodate the maximum number of people.

Office Pods

When additional private offices are needed or a peaceful space in an open office environment, the SnapCab Office Pod offers an optimal work experience while remaining visible to the team.
  • Work – for 1 person, has 23 sq. ft. of floor space
  • Work+ – for 1 person, has 35 sq. ft. of floor space

The SnapCab Work can be customized with height-adjustable tables or we can add a number of desk and seating options. The Office Pods include additional power supplies for monitors and other devices that an office may need.

Connects Demountable Walls

A revolutionary modular wall system that connects SnapCabs to create custom work areas – an opportunity to shape an entire community of productivity and innovation. SnapCab Connects allow for flexible angled or squared configurations. The Connects are made from the same frame and panels as the Pods, with optional colors of Gorilla Glass, and come in a variety of lengths. Connects can combine two or more pods to form informal touch-down areas, or can combine several pods to form a complete room or enclosed section for conferences or team collaborations.

Custom Pods

Access Pod

SnapCab pods can easily be made accessible by removing the floor. With no step-up, The Access pods are ADA compliant with horizontal door handles, lowered knob locations, automatic door function, and custom desk options. The Access Pod is a quiet workspace specifically designed for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Wheelchair ramp
  • 37″ doorway
  • Quiet, stand-alone pod
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Heavy-duty casters for mobility
  • Sound-dampening glass front door
  • Designed to interconnect with SnapCab Connects demountable walls

Nurture Pod

The SnapCab Work+ has been customized to create a private, secure and comfortable lactation pod for mothers in the workplace: the Nurture pod. The SnapCab Nurture includes an opaque glass front*, a locking door with occupancy indicator, a coat hook, shelf, hand sanitizer dispenser and mirror. Plus, it meets federal criteria for workplaces to provide a private space for lactating mothers.
* Model shown has the opaque glass front removed to highlight interior details.

Care Pod

Customize a SnapCab Work+  into a mobile exam for a COVID-19 Assessment Centre (AC) where physicians can treat patients requiring additional privacy and comfort: The SnapCab Care.

The pod, which is a variation of the SnapCab Work+ model, is an enclosed yet ventilated office area with its own HEPA filtration system, a glass front with a sound-blocking glass door, as well as two windows with one-way glass, allowing physicians to see out into the AC and exam area while fully maintaining the privacy of the patients they are treating. The exam area features the SnapCab Connects wall system and is accessible to gurneys. When the entire unit is facing the wall, as it is meant to be used, the exam area provides audio and visual privacy to those inside.

SnapCab offers custom design capabilities, so the cab environment can customize to fit your needs. One thing that stood out for us is their willingness to modify and adapt their products for specific needs and usages.

Give us a call to discuss how a SnapCab would fit into your organization and to get started on personalizing your pod.