PowerBeam & Day-to-Day Tables from AIS

Ultra-efficient PowerBeam adds impressive capabilities to Day-to-Day tables. Available in multiple lengths, angles, and heights to optimize space within your floorplate, PowerBeam ties it all together, putting power just where it’s needed. Thousands of table combinations, and the power to support them. There’s nothing this dynamic duo can’t do.

Who wants to sit by the outlet? Everyone! PowerBeam makes it possible with multiple outlets within easy reach. It can be cleanly mounted just below the worksurface without extra supports, helping you maintain a wide-open, minimal look throughout the whole office.

PowerBeam was designed with Day-to-Day Tables in mind, yet it teams up easily with many AIS products. Here, PowerBeam securely rests on the Calibrate lower storage, which nicely conceals the Calibrate Height Adjustable Table leg inside while offering user storage and guest seating.

The result—an integrated workstation that supports healthy posture shifts throughout the day. Now, that’s a real power play.

All you see is a modern, minimalist design—tables, screens and storage with a wide variety of fabric and finish options. Yet PowerBeam is working hard below the worksurface, providing the structure and power to make all things possible

The PowerBeam Allows So Many Different Configurations of the Workspace

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