Motus Flexible Conference Table by HALCON

the Adaptive conference table for
elegant corporate spaces.

Effortlessly transform your open area from boardroom to flexible, multi-use space.

Adaptable Folding and Moveable Conference Table

The winner of Best of NeoCon® 2011 competition in Chicago, HALCON’s MOTUS adaptable folding table, is again getting some attention. With the rise in hybrid work environments, businesses are looking to reconfigure as adaptive workspaces*. While there are plenty of portable desk and table options, there is a need for reconfigurable tables that are more refined in appearance. The MOTUS is a high-end and stylish table that can quickly adapt from a conference room table to a row of training tables and down to a grouping of huddle spaces. 

Quick Interlock System

The MOTUS comprises adaptable folding tables and accessories that boast effortless mobility and transformation. what stands out is an impressive level of ease of table ganging, caster locking, height adjustment, and power/data distribution and access. The conference table has power outlets and connections for data, audio, and video. The connectivity innovation is apparent when tables are ganged together, as the table-to-table daisy chain underneath is simplified with magnets holding wires in place. No messy wire management.

Quick connect cable management easily delivers power from one table to another.

Adjustment knobs on each leg ensure the table surface is level and stable on any floor.

Many Configurations to fit any Space

Steps to connect tables

  • Move tables into desired configuration
  • Level table tops to each other
  • Secure ganging latches
  • Install power jumper cables
  • Power tables with supplied power cord

Examples of Configurations:

Integrated power and Data Under Hidden Grommets

  • Tables available as no power, single grommet, or dual grommets.
  • Each grommet is equipped with 3 NEMA 20A 125V Grounded outlets.
  • It is recommended to use no more than 21 outlets per circuit.

Revolutionary Tilting & Nesting

With the revolutionary tilting and nesting, the MOTUS tables only need 24″ of floorspace, and 15″ for each additional table.

Tables can be moved easily to nest using the concealed castors.

Popular for Training Rooms, Desking & Collaboration Spaces

Available in a Variety of Finishes and Materials

Available in MOTUS Metal, Wood, Chemcolor, or Backpainted Glass.  We can match any desired color for your project.