Darran Honey 120° Workstations

Open Plan Desking for Today’s Office

Cubicle farms are so 90’s, but Open Office Benching doesn’t provide the distancing and separation desired in a post-COVID world. So Darran Furniture developed a line of furniture called Honey, consisting of workstations and lounge furniture to address the individual user’s needs. The Honey is light and open but has a defined space and all the amenities today’s workers need. Honey won the prestigious award for Best of Competition and NeoCon Gold in the Furniture Systems & Enhancements Category for Best of NeoCon. Honey’s design inspiration is from honeycombs, tying the nature aspect back to the office. Their fabrics come in many colors and are cleanable, a significant concern due to the pandemic. Cleanability is especially essential when setting up a coworking space since multiple people will use a single desk. Along with biophilia, Honey makes an office space more green, inviting, and open.

Honey workspace furniture addresses the needs, varied work styles, privacy, and well-being of today’s workers. Honey panels are soft and rounded with curved compound surfaces. The panel height of 55″ gives visual and sound privacy without overwhelming the space. Combining panels can create spaces 180 degrees open or 270 degrees enclosed. Improved air quality via elevated panels allows for proper heat dissipation. Honey is easily configurable to combine desks with open and closed collaborative zones, meeting spaces, and lounges. The Honey height-adjustable mobile workstation is portable on wheels for ultimate flexibility. The desk areas can be set to sitting, standing, or height-adjustable, adapting to your work style.

When it comes to the work floor, Honey provides a way to maintain density while increasing personal space and adding visual interest to the office. The Honey 120° Workspaces is the latest Honey version. The unique 120° panel connectors can create distance between workers while also increasing the overall number of seats compared to standard benching products. The space-efficient 120° planning grid creates a flowing geometry that meanders through a room with endless possibilities for configuring the workspace. In addition, the Honey provides a sleek, versatile architectural design for any office space.

The Honey 120° workstations are an excellent alternative for workstation benching and cubicles. Depending on your office space, cubicles can take up a lot more space; meanwhile, this structure is narrower, where desks fit into the nooks and crannies. The option to adjust the workstation’s shape and the number of stations is essential since many companies downsized their offices during the pandemic. In addition, this honeycomb style combines areas to give employees space from one another and convenient spots to do collaboration work. The Honey can easily be adapted from desk areas to social zones and back again.

The pictures included portray how the desks can be more rectangular vs. cylinder.

Darran’s Honey Collection is an excellent addition to your office space while saving space. All desks are height adjustable. Each section can interchange with desk space and collaboration space. In addition, these sections can fit to make a lounge area or any configuration your employees want.