What's New at NeoCon 2022?

Held annually since 1990, the Best of NeoCon is the official awards program for NeoCon, honoring outstanding new products from exhibiting companies.

The Best of NeoCon has entries in 54 product categories. The entries are presented by Category,  Manufacturer Name, Product Name, and theMart showroom number or 7th floor exhibit booth space.

The Best of NeoCon has 50 plus jurors who work in teams reviewing and evaluating the products digitally before they arrive at the NeoCon showrooms to receive presentations by the product manufacturers. Then they vote to determine if there is a Gold Award or Silver Award in each category, and consider products for Innovation Awards and Sustainability Awards. There is one Best of Competition determined by all the jurors.

Panels / Partitions / Screens / Dividers

Hush Office’s HushWall

Following the agile office concept, you can easily customise your hushWall. It can be a mobile dry erase board, an office acoustic partition, and you can easily turn it into a multimedia wall thanks to the possibility of mounting a TV.

Acoustics & Privacy > Work Pods

SnapCab’s Link Pod​

The Link provides a quiet, private space with the ideal layout and lighting for today’s video-conferencing world. The space is elongated for the best camera angle. Dimmable white LED lights are positioned vertically to light the user’s face evenly. The acoustic felt lining the walls improves the audio quality for online meetings. The pod accommodates the customer’s own video equipment, which they can easily switch out anytime.

The Link’s single person occupancy offers a trim space that fits into an office layout or in the home. It provides a quiet space to focus on a project, take a call or hold a virtual meeting. An optional switch-glass front is available for privacy and to eliminate distractions.

KI’s WiggleRoom Super Structure

WiggleRoom Super Structure is a post and beam system that integrates with KI Architectural Wall panels to provide freestanding spaces within open plan environments. WiggleRoom Super Structure offers several ceiling options to meet acoustic privacy and lighting requirements. Fully enclosed PET clad ceilings provide the highest levels of sound isolation, perfect for focus work, meetings or video conferencing. Semi-enclosed ceiling options with PET louvers provide a great option for private offices or collaboration spaces. The louver ceiling design is 70% open, allowing for additional air flow and does not require a separately installed sprinkler system. Fully integrated with unitized Genius and Evoke panels, WiggleRoom Super Structure can incorporate technology for video conferencing and power for furniture and charging of devices.

SilentLab’s Microoffice Realm

The MICROOFFICE means unlimited possibilities and unique design perfectly adapted to you and your needs. This original, modular system lets you create a customized office that seats up to eight people without remodeling your office space. Choose whatever size best suits your needs and enjoy a conference room with built-in AV technology fit for quick meetings or lengthy debates.

Hushoffice’s HushHybrid

Video conferencing has just gotten better! With the new hushHybrid office pod for hybrid work and remote meetings, your colleagues and business partners can feel as if they are right next to you. Even during online conversations.

Dauphin’s Bosselino

Designed with a sleek aesthetic and acoustic privacy in mind, Bosse Acoustic Pods measure noise reductions of 37 decibels in sound reduction tests. Available as a telephone pod, dialogue pod and collaboration pod, all models are powered by an easy plug and play system. Acoustic Pods can be moved to different locations when needed, re-assembled and ready for use the same day.

Furniture Systems

Safco’s Boundaries System

Boundaries provides space separation as personal storage and privacy, creating a highly desirable workplace experience. Each enclosed ‘Boundary’ can be programmed to promote more focused work and personal storage. The Boundaries system components will help create spaces to Focus, Learn, Share and Create, while speaking to a new mindset and lifestyle aspiration.

Enhancements to Furniture Systems

Nucraft’s Flow Activity Wall

An extension of the popular Flow™ product line, Flow Activity Wall and Credenza showcases the storage elements of Flow credenzas while addressing the needs for space division and collaboration in open plan settings. Flow Activity Wall is single or dual-sided and offered in six different heights and six different bases, with flexibility in mind.

Watson’s Edison Junior

A New Angle on Office Layouts 

Edison is the premier power, voice, and data rail system that bends to complement your layout. The Junior model’s light profile and design gives users direct access to power outlets while facilitating cable management with integrated dividers all housed behind a sleek steel panel.

DARRAN’s Honey 90 Degree

Honey won the prestigious award for Best of Competition and NeoCon Gold in the Furniture Systems & Enhancements Category for Best of NeoCon 2021.

Honey workspace furniture addresses the needs of individual users, their varied work styles, privacy, and well-being. Now, with 90 degree corners!

Honey panels are soft and rounded with compound curved surfaces. The panel height of 55” gives the right amount of visual and sound privacy without overwhelming the space. Improved air quality is achieved through elevated panels that also allow for proper heat dissipation.

Collections for Collaboration

The Senator Group’s Adapt Wall

Engineered for possibility. Its lightweight form is deceiving agile, enabling greater ease of movement yet being extremely stable ensures Adapt Wall can confidently transform any space on demand.

Individuals, as well as organisations, have all learned to react to new ways of working. This constant reaction to the change of an individual’s daily working routine was the catalyst for Adapt Wall. Born out of the idea to create mobile partitions — to enable more agile, fluid, and flexible spaces — empowering every user to create spaces that work for them at that moment.

OFS’s Fleet

The OFS design team is holding very close to the vest details on the unveiling of the Fleet.  Come to NeoCon 2022 for the big reveal!

Case Goods

Vox LCS Workstation by Nienkamper

Sit stand workstation flexibility promotes healthy computing by turning a sedentary work environment into one with movement at the touch of a button.

Conference Room Furniture

Forsi by Keilhauer

This two-piece assortment: a convention desk / table and chair, is a hybrid of low-slung, casual lounge collections and better, extra formal convention items.

The table’s mild curves evoke an understated magnificence, with energy sources rigorously tucked away for a clutter-free workspace, whereas the chair’s clear, contoured strains draw from the silhouettes of mid-century modernism. 

Onsite by Three H

Onsite Media is the latest product offering from Three H that combines a D-shape table with a media wall.

Ligouri by Enwork

Inspired by modernist design principals, Ligouri boasts clean lines, elegant connection points, and a family name. The Ligouri line celebrates natural elements as it combines solid wood with precision aluminum connections and detailing. Designed to elevate any environment, Ligouri stands alone as a statement piece or as a welcoming touch to inspire human connection and collaboration.

Lounge Furniture Collections

Zoetry Collection by KI

Zoetry lounge seating allows unique configurations and supports specifier choice. Optional privacy screens define personal space within open environments wherever needed.

Generously proportioned components provide a clean aesthetic and comfortably support long periods of use. Six-inch molded foam seat cushion and back rest provide a high level of comfort.

Dau by Stylex

The Dau collection helps to create lounge environments that make employees feel at home. Upholstered sofas, lounge chairs, benches and poufs (featured) can have casters and handles that make rearrangements quick and easy, with complementary side, coffee and tablet tables. Dau was designed by Yonoh Studio and utilizes recycled steel and aluminum in its frames, as well as water-based adhesives and plant-based polyurethane foam.

Chatham Cove Work Lounge by AIS

Think beyond the workstation to the in-between spaces. That’s where you’ll find Chatham Cove. Whether working alone or together, Chatham Cove provides options for both with its lightly scaled surrounds for private conversations and ability to connect so you can connect with others.

In Out Office by Andreu World

Come by the NeoCon booth for firsthand look at this newest product launch!