Height-Adjustable Desks

According to the American Journal of Public Health, sitting is not the new smoking. But, if you sit more than 8 hours a day, the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease increases by around 10-20 percent. To minimize the body’s damage from sitting, consider height-adjustable desks. 

Additionally, height-adjustable desks that can move from sitting to standing heights promote a range of health benefits when you work on your computer all day. By standing and sitting alternatively throughout the day, the best height-adjustable desks encourage taking breaks, using your legs to get your blood moving and staying active in general.

These productivity stations make a difference to your overall health. So if you spend most of your professional life seated at an office desk, consider getting one.

Height Adjustable Desks for Social Distancing

In a post-COVID world, we want to keep some separation between ourselves and our coworkers. When we need to share information on our computers, a height-adjustable desk is preferable to them kneeling or looking over our shoulders. Therefore, just adjust the desk to standing height, and everyone can co-mingle safely to look at the screen.

While height-adjustable standing desks might seem like one category of workspaces, there are many decisions to make depending on the user’s needs. Many brands offer height-adjustable workstations, but the differences and advantages of each are usually unknown to most buyers. Items to consider include:

  • Should the adjustments be manual, pneumatic, or motorized? 
  • Will the desk stand-alone or be part of a cluster? 
  • Will it mount to a wall or self-standing? 
  • What finish and top should it have to match the other details of the office? 
  • Does the workstation need any storage, privacy panels, or accessories? 
  • How will the electrical and IT wires run? 
  • And many more decisions.

So save yourself some time and give us a call. Our Workplace Designers will review your needs and help identify the best adjustable height desk for you, all at no charge.

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