Outdoor Commercial Furniture

Do you crave fresh air when stuck in the office all day? We bet your employees do too.

Create a space where employees can take their work outside or take a break and relax with our weather-resistant and modern outdoor furniture. From simple outdoor seating to a workplace oasis, giving space to take a break from the same few walls throughout the day can increase employee productivity and motivation to get work done.

Outdoor patios in the workplace have become increasingly popular post-COVID. Employees are much more comfortable gathering and collaborating outside with fresh air and sunshine than in an enclosed conference room. Taking your lunch break outdoors or chatting with your coworkers while enjoying the warmer months of the year is excellent for energizing your brain. Even in the colder months, an outdoor space with furniture and an electric fireplace or propane heaters can make that patio usable almost year-round.

Here at Jefferson Group, we have many options for commercial outdoor furniture.  Check out some instances of how amazing outdoor furniture can be below.

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