Touch Down Spaces

Visiting employees, transitional visitors, and those who work remotely from home all face the same issue when coming to your office – Where do I sit? Instead of offering a selection of empty desks, you can direct them to a Touchdown Space.

Collaborative & Hybrid Touch Down Spaces

Casual Lounge & Cafe Style Touch Down Spots

An arrangement of furniture that encourages employees to gather, socialize and recharge. Often has a college, cafe or lounge feel to the layout.

Pod-based Touch Down Spaces

Dedicated furniture integrating seating and a tabletop for one, two, four or six people.  The pod can be open, glass enclosed or incorporate a fabric for privacy.  These can be portable, stand-alone or built-in to a building’s structure.

Soft Architecture Touch Down Spaces

Often considered a room within a room, these touch down spaces are relatively quick to set-up, have a clearly defined space, and can incorporate video conferencing technologies. Ideally suited as a replacement or extension of a conference room. Many options and varieties for privacy needs, air circulation, portability, and incorporation of glass walls.

Executive Touch Down Spaces

An Executive Touch Down Space usually included in a private office or team area and often includes a monitor for presentations or video conferencing. These can be Executive Conference Rooms, a dedicated area for team meetings or for impromptu collaboration with remote and on-site employees.