Employee Storage Lockers

Lockers are back!  The hot new trend was once hidden in the back is now upfront and open to public, often the centerpiece of the office.  With hybrid employees and the concern for health sanitation, employees need to store their office tech – mouse, headset, even keyboards – somewhere safe when they are not in the office.  And no one wants the germs from outside that may be on traveling gear to come onto the work-floor, so lockers for storing gym bags, purses, coats and other items need to be nearby, but not inside the workspace.  So many decisions, choices and options. 
From key-locks, to programmable, to RFID badge locking systems, all depends on if the lockers are going to be dedicated to specific employees or assigned remotely with a variety of duration. 
Lockers can be a good way to divide a room, at either half  height for an open floor plan feel, or full floor-to-ceiling height to create separation without walls. 
If you don’t want a continuous wall of lockers, they can integrate with built-in phone-booths or meeting pods.  You can also have open shelves, decor, bioflora and cubbies.  
Lockers can integrate with other divider systems, such as Palisades, to make the area more airy and spacious. 
Lockers can have a depth or height to accommodate large items such as keyboards and can integrate lights and charging stations inside.