Demountable Glass Walls

Demountable glass wall systems are elegant solutions that create offices and conference rooms without construction and provide visual transparency while maintaining acoustical privacy.

Demountable Wall Systems, sometimes referred to as architectural wall systems, have grown in popularity and this trend is likely to continue, if not escalate. These modular systems complement trends toward open workspaces by providing for flexible and cost effective space definition and privacy.

Demountable wall systems can be removed and reinstalled into a different configuration based on the current and future needs of your business. They are installed on a track from which they can be easily moved with little hassle or mess to clean up. This makes them the ideal choice for your business that is always evolving. Demountable walls are especially useful for startups and any business that is developing their workplace strategy and needs to test-fit different floor configurations.

The most common demountable walls choice are glass walls as they offer the open space & sunlight, and privacy & quiet that every office needs. They are especially an elegant, cost-effective option, if you want to be able to relocate and reuse the walls.

Something that people in open-floor plans desperately crave is privacy. We’ll create private spaces for single individuals looking to escape a noisy open-plan environment or for larger groups to meet and collaborate without disturbing others. Glass walls provide divisional privacy without blocking views or natural light. They are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

You can choose clear glass walls to keep your office space open and filled with natural light,  tinted glass to protect from UV rays, or frosted textured glass to promote privacy within offices and conference rooms.

Create more rooms without feeling enclosed

Glass Walls for Huddle Zones

To provide employees with a choice over where to work based on the type of work they are doing, you need to create an “ecosystem of zones”. These zones can range from open, collaborative to private, quiet to casual, social areas.  Combined, the zones will work together to create an optimal work environment.

And the best way to quickly create these zones is with demountable glass walls. Mix and match whiteboard walls and other wall surface options to make each space feel personalized and unique.

You don’t have to bring in general contractors or get your landlord involved each time you want to change your office’s configuration to utilize your space in a way that fits your company’s needs. With demountable walls you can continually adapt to the needs of your workforce and be responsive to your employees.

With demountable glass walls, you can change your office to fit your work configuration. Do you want to experiment with different departments, office arrangements, or other work layouts? Now you can, with demountable office wall partitions. Reward your employees by giving them their own office space. They no longer have to wait for an existing office to open up.

Quick installation makes it fast and simple to respond to the changing needs of your office.

Free-Standing Wall Systems

Recent concerns about air flow and circulation has increased the interest in demountable walls.  Because demountable walls can be free-standing, these rooms can use the existing HVAC, lighting and fire controls. 

Acoustic and Visual Privacy

Glass walls offer some of the best acoustics available to keep conversations private. When you add film to the glass, use solid or whiteboard panels, you will create a visual barrier that keeps workers focused.

Switchable Smart Glass / Privacy Glass Walls

You have the choice of ‘frosting’ the glass or using ‘electronic switchable’ glass to make a switchable smart glass wall.

What is Switchable Smart Glass?

Switchable Smart Glass or Switchable Privacy Glass is a popular, stylish, and functional solution for those who want to transform their glass walls into dynamic functional components that allows users to control privacy, IR heat, light and glare. The use of switchable glass can dramatically improve not only the aesthetics but also the physical environment of any office. No need for messy drapes or dust-catching blinds, switchable smart glass walls are easy to clean and block over 98% of harmful UV rays, protecting people, furnishings and artwork. It also reduces solar heat by up to 40% translating into dramatic energy and cost savings.

Office Open
Office Private
Conference Room Open
Conference Room Private
Doorway Open
Doorway Private

Images courtesy of NxtWall, Metro-Wall & Verwol

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the hardware comply with my building’s lock standards?
    • Selecting the correct hardware is important.  Jefferson Group works with your team closely to ensure it’s compatible with required building lock standards
  • Can I integrate card access locks into doors in my glass walls? 
    • YES – Jefferson will coordinate with your security and IT teams to make this work
  • Acoustic Dampening – do I select Single-glazed, Double-glazed, Tempered glass or Laminated glass?
    • Jefferson has access to all of these and will work with your team to select the right system.
  • How do glass walls affect HVAC, sprinkler, and lighting in my space?
    • Many demountable systems utilize your existing systems without any changes.
  • Can I get the cool black frame mullion look that I see everywhere?   Do I need glazed style or aluminum frame?   What looks good in my space?
    • We can supply a variety of frames to fit your overall office look.  Jefferson Group’s designers will review with your team.
  • Who coordinates the carpenters, electricians, and other trades?
    • Jefferson takes care of the measuring, drawing AND installation –  making sure it all fits and it’s a seamless integration to the space
  • What are my options for frosting, privacy and ‘electronic switchable’ glass? 
    • Jefferson has all of these available
  • Whats the best way to blend sheetrock walls and demountable walls, to be most cost effective and create the best function and look for my space?
    • Jefferson Group’s designers will work with your team to ensure an integrated look.
  • Are “office fronts”, “demountable walls”, and “moveable walls” the same?
    • Yes