Commercial Architectural Millwork

Nothing makes a statement about your firm and the stability of your business than well detailed and quality millwork in your commercial office space. That’s due to the difference between stand-alone, modular furniture that is interchangeable and mass-produced and built-in furnishings custom-tailored to the client’s specifications. In addition, the timeless quality of wood cabinets, wood or stone tops, moldings and architectural details adds warmth and character to a commercial space. By integrating your office furnishings into the architectural structure, you create a cohesiveness and warmth that immediately makes your clients feel secure.

The Jefferson Group offers the best in materials and service when it comes to our custom architectural millwork of cabinets, counters, cases, desks and trim. We offer many different varieties of wood options including maple, pine, oak, cherry, mahogany and more! Our vast selection of wood wall panels work great with any interior design, both in residential and commercial. We offer materials for decorative columns, reception desks and Wainscot panels to enhance the feel of any space.

Services Include:

  • Cabinetry
  • Counters & Tops
  • Reception Desks
  • Floating Shelves
  • Display Cases & Organizers
  • Benches
  • Lockers
  • Wood Trim
  • Decorative Columns
  • Wood Wall Panels
  • Wainscot Panels
  • Finished or Unfinished Surfaces
  • Many different types of wood and veneers available
  • Fully installed

Custom Millwork

Custom architectural millwork fits the requirements of the project. Some places that incorporate custom millwork include lobbies, reception desks, cafes, libraries, doorways, sidelights, pantries, moldings, and elaborate accents. Millwork provides the custom polish and finishes to unite conventional furnishings into a custom space. It’s called Millwork because it is custom fit, but the furniture is created in a mill, or a shop, and installed on location. 

Why Architectural Millwork?

Architectural Millwork fits within an architectural framework, i.e., attached to a building’s structure. Millwork includes custom furniture, such as mantels, cabinets, counters desks, and other furniture pieces, but architectural millwork usually means these pieces will be fit to size, fixed to the building and not moveable. Architectural millwork creates a tailored-made and personal look without the high cost of on-site custom furniture.

Reception Areas

The reception area is the first impression for the corporate office – it tells visitors who you are and what you stand for. Additionally, it can either welcome them into your space or define the separation of public versus private areas. A long-lasting, high-quality millwork reception area creates an outstanding impression for your business and sets the stage for future interactions.

Pantry and Cafe

The pantry or cafe area of the business can be as high-end as a custom kitchen or a utilitarian as a cafeteria. Often a pantry has unique challenges of incorporating appliances, sanitization stations, and food vending or storage. Custom millwork coordinates the overall business brand into the space employees will use most for downtime or casual socializing. 

Conference Rooms & Private Offices

The old-world style of crown moldings, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and custom credenzas help to elevate your conference or meeting area. By drawing the eyes upward, floor-to-ceiling millwork and crown molding adds height and depth to interior spaces. Nothing impresses clients more than the timeless details of a custom woodwork panel wall with architectural elements. These are the attributes of high-end, successful corporate facilities.

Healthcare, Dental & Senior Living

Cabinets and counters for Healthcare businesses require seamless, hygienic surfaces with softly rounded corners that are durable. Healthcare facilities desire visually attractive and highly functional cabinets and woodwork.  We offer contemporary wood-grain finishes as well as solid colors that pair well with current flooring and fabric trends. With all the colors available in laminate, you get the look of wood without the maintenance. A full compliment of accessories and options allow you to customize your cabinets to suit your individual needs.