Commercial Office Furniture

Jefferson Group provides you with a well-synchronized team of skilled consultants to furnish your workplace with style and comfort—from seating to boardroom and reception.

Today’s business environment demands ever greater levels of flexibility and cost efficiency.

Our newest product lines are built with this in mind—modular workstations, moveable walls, height-adjustable furniture, multi-functional desking systems and configurations that easily integrate into any space. We can guarantee that when you browse the many categories of workspace, office furniture that we have, you’ll find something that ultimately contributes to your business.

Workstations & Benching Systems

Create a highly efficient work environment with a budget friendly system, reconfigurable to adjust to the ever changing needs of today’s corporate world. Utilizing glass, wood and color with modular panel heights and storage components, workstations can be both private and open. Integrate network cabling and electrical power, and effectively manage wiring and equipment for current and future needs.


Conference & Boardroom

Today’s business environment requires the latest meeting technology. Our skilled team can design a traditional conferencing center or one with upgraded visual aids, tabletop electrical ports, effective wire management, and custom solutions to fit any budget.


Executive Offices

Whatever your style; contemporary, transitional or traditional, our designers will customize executive offices to best reflect your image. We will satisfy your budget and work process requirements with beautiful, functional furniture.



Jefferson’s “chair loaner” program makes it easy to select the correct seating type and configuration for your space. Ergonomics, comfort, and performance are combined with style to find the best fit for you.


Reception, Lobby, & Lounge

Allow Jefferson to design a lasting first impression for your visitors, including spacial changes, finishes, and furniture selection. Extend a warm welcome with a functional and aesthetically pleasing reception area.


Height Adjustable Desks

Easily adjust the working height of your desk or table, with an ergonomically friendly solution from Jefferson Group – review the options and choose from powered, manual, enclosed or open base styles – with finishes, features and pricing to suit your unique requirements!


Waiting Room Furniture

From the moment someone steps into your space, their first impression is a lasting one—the vision for your company’s reception area may be quite particular, and Jefferson Group offers a lineup of quality furniture that will impress visitors and staff alike.


Filing & Storage Systems

Filing and storage areas are still a consideration for every office—however large or small your needs may be, from file islands used as communal gathering points to central storage rooms, Jefferson Group can assist with efficient, functional solutions.


Training & Multi-purpose Rooms

Create a functional, modular and technology friendly environment for training, staff meetings and multi-purpose use – folding tables, mobile furniture and nesting chairs help you and your team maximize space and reconfigure easily. READ MORE

Trading Desks

Trading desks are specialized both in size, style, and the ability to coordinate technology effectively – Jefferson Group has an impressive collection of trading desks in many sizes and configurations, and they can be customized to suit the needs of your facility.


Lounge, Lobby, & Huddle Areas

Whether it’s an informal team meeting, a group huddle, a lounge/lobby area or the executive office, having the correct furniture is critical for image and comfort.


Pantry, Cafe, & Kitchen

Vibrant, spacious and efficient – the ideal pantry for your business blends quiet areas with group seating and meeting places – while allowing for modern appliances and adequate counter space and storage. Jefferson Group has helped many companies outfit beautiful, functional café and kitchen areas, creating a ‘wow’ factor for staff and visitors.


Ergonomic Solutions

Jefferson Group provides a complete package to address many ergonomic workplace issues – after an evaluation, Jefferson Group will recommend the products best suited for your need. With up-to-date ideas and concepts, Jefferson Group can help resolve many common ergonomic complaints relating to work areas and office functions.


Hospitality and Healthcare

Public spaces such as lounge and waiting areas, lobbies, cafeterias and dining rooms set the tone for your building and make an important statement to visitors. Jefferson Group will help you create an environment that is not only welcoming and comfortable, but remains functional and fashionable.