Workplace Space Management

The Leading Factor for Hybrid Success: Workplace Space Management   The merging of remote and on-site work has given rise to the hybrid office, revolutionizing the relationship organizations have with their workplace. The critical role of managing the use of space in the workplace to fit the needs of the hybrid office highlights its potential […]

Shared Private Offices

From Cubicles to Collaboration: Embracing the Shared Office Revolution   A shared office is an innovative solution that combines the privacy and focus of traditional private offices with the benefits of a collaborative and dynamic work environment. It is becoming increasingly popular as organizations adapt to the changing nature of work. By sharing office space, […]

Prefabricated Spaces

The Power of Prefabricated Rooms for a Flexible Workplace In today’s business environment, flexibility is vital to staying competitive. Prefabricated spaces allow businesses to transform their workplaces into flexible environments that promote collaboration, innovation, and productivity. In this article, we will explore the benefits of modular rooms and their contribution to creating a truly flexible […]

White Noise Generators for the Office

Enhance Productivity and Office Privacy with White Noise In today’s busy world, productivity is essential for success. However, working in a noisy and distracting environment can make it difficult to focus on the tasks. Recent trends for adding glass walls and dividers to separate spaces while letting light through, has only  increased the noise levels […]

What is Contract Grade Furniture?

What Is Contract Grade Furniture When furnishing an office or a commercial space, the furniture grade can significantly affect functionality and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, choosing the appropriate furniture for the intended use is essential, as the demands of a commercial space differ considerably from those of a residential area. There are two main types of […]

Acoustical Solutions in the Workplace

“Hey, you’re on mute!” (You’re not alone if you’ve heard that before!) Many of us need Solutions for Quieter Office Environments, as background noise is disturbing our Zoom calls or meetings at work and we’re constantly having to mute ourselves! We know overall noise in the workplace can be distracting and disrupt productivity, but there […]

Making Big Changes with Small Office Renovations

Making Big Changes with Small Office Renovations Renovating an entire office can be a significant investment, and the budget and time to undertake such a massive project may exceed the resources of many companies. However, there are still ways to make substantial changes to the office environment without demolishing everything and starting from scratch. We’ll […]

Why should we ‘Return to the Office’?

Why should we ‘Return to the Office’? We all agree there’s a new ‘work/life’ balance! Work, especially heads-down independent tasks, can be completed anywhere. Figuring out the blend for our responsibilities and commitments can be challenging, and working with our clients across many industries in several states we see consistent themes emerging… We’ve highlighted a […]

6 Office Trends That Might Not Survive 2023

6 Office Trends That Might Not Survive 2023 The world of work is constantly developing, and it’s not just technology driving the change. The way we work and the spaces in which we work are also evolving. As we look ahead to 2023, a few office trends may not survive next year. Here are six […]

Top 10 Office Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

Top 10 trends for the 2023 workplace As businesses adjust to the post-COVID / Hybrid world, we are seeing a shift in design and architecture trends that reflect the new reality of how we live, work, and gather. Here are the top 10 trends of the new workplace to watch out for: Acoustics Employees are […]