Top Winners of the Best of NeoCon 2022

Top Winners of Best of NeoCon 2022 This past June, Jefferson Group attended Neocon 2022 in Chicago, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Some of our favorite lines introduced new pieces of furniture that we have to share with our clients. Here at Jefferson Group, we are a local furniture dealer that looks for […]

Converting Your Workplace for Hybrid Employees

Transforming Your Workplace for Hybrid Employees How to Adapt Existing Offices into Modern Workplaces Recently, the main concern for many Chief executives worldwide has been how to get employees “Back-to-the-Office”. These past two years have certainly been out of the ordinary, yet the time has come when the C-Suite wants to start migrating employees back […]

Jefferson Goes on a Tour of NYC Showrooms

Jefferson Group Visits the NYC Showrooms On Wednesday, March 30th, our team at Jefferson Group did a showroom tour in New York City to see some of our favorite lines and reps, including Spacestor, AIS, OFS, Gibson, and Allermuir. While we are very familiar with these furniture lines, pictures and videos cannot compare to physically […]

How Office Design Has Changed in the Hybrid World

How Office Design Has Changed in a Hybrid World Any discussion on returning to the office will bring up a debate about the office design. Employees are more aware of Workplace Office Design than ever before. It all starts with the question: what is the purpose of the office? COVID changed most impressions of why […]

7 Office Trends for 2022

7 Office Trends for 2022 Image courtesy of: 2022 NEXT Hybrid Office Design Content winner – Elliott Beach Managers need to stay abreast of trends, but let’s face it: Events have accelerated so quickly the past few years it’s difficult to keep up. So here is a list of advancements to keep an eye on […]

What is an Executive Touch Down Space?

What is an Executive Touch Down Space? Most employees would like to choose when and where to work, yet historically their options were limited by location and availability of jobs. After the rise of remote work due to COVID, employees can finally choose – by quitting workplaces with strict policies in favor of new offices […]

What is Furniture Leveling?

What is Furniture Leveling? Unless you are in the A&D (Architectural and Interior Design) industry, you may think furniture leveling has to do with the adjustable pads on the bottom of your table’s feet. However, in the corporate furniture & office design world, furniture leveling presents all furniture choices equally. As a result, clients can […]

What is the Hybrid Workplace?

What is a Hybrid Workplace? The idea of the office has been undergoing constant change throughout the past few decades, and the hybrid workspace is the latest. Hybrid is feasible because technology has enabled work anytime / anywhere and freed the workforce from the traditional constraints that dictate where work happens. Long before the concept […]

What Differentiates a Trading Desk?

What Makes a Trading Desk? Trading is a stressful job since there is always the possibility of making a wrong decision and losing your investment. Unlike their portrayal in movies, much of a trader’s time is spent in front of their computers, watching the markets move.  Most desks can handle a monitor or two, but […]

Soundproofing the office

4 Ways to Soundproof an Office The sound is essential to the experience of the room. Unwanted sound has a steep cost in impression, well-being, and productivity. Now, more than ever, we are getting calls on ways to soundproof an office and get rid of unwanted sounds. When considering soundproofing, we need to determine what […]