Want a quick way to refresh & energize your space?

What is a quick way to refresh & energize your space? Weekly Workplace Insight – November 15, 2022By Ben Markham As employees return to the office, it’s a great morale booster to see some changes to the space they left!   With time and budget constraints potentially prohibiting a new office model, many companies choose to update […]

What Does A Hybrid Office Look Like?

At LinkedIn’s new flagship office, desks are no longer the primary focus. With dozens of different work settings and conference room setups, the company uses its office as a hub for its hybrid workforce. WSJ gets an exclusive look inside. WSJ Open Office: How LinkedIn Redesigned Its Flagship for Hybrid Work Transcription: 0:00LinkedIn’s flagship office […]

Why is the office so loud?

Why is the office so loud? Weekly Workplace Insight – October 25, 2022 By Ben Markham Yes, offices have acoustic challenges, and from what our clients are telling us, it only seems to be getting worse! In a post covid world, many employees have been used to working in a quiet room, and entering a loud area […]

How to choose the right office pod

How to choose the right pod for your office Work has changed, and offices are adapting to be a space for communal, iterative, and reactive activities. Yet it’s a myth that people want to do all their contemplative or focused work at home and come to the office only to collaborate or socialize. That’s not […]

September Showroom Tours with Jefferson Group

NYC Showroom Autumn Tours On September 14th Jefferson Group toured the Inscape, Humanscale, New York Design Center at 200 Lexington, and Bernhardt showrooms. Starting with our commercial furniture showroom tours last March, our goal is to visit showrooms quarterly so our staff can see the furniture first-hand, which helps us make better recommendations to our […]

Why are core drills so expensive and do I really need one?

Core drilling creates a hole through the floor of an office so that power can come to the conference table, desk, or workstation from below, creating an access point so the wires can be tucked away into the furniture without looking like a mess.  

How to Integrate Power and IT into a Conference Table

Weekly Workplace Insight – September 27, 2022 By Ben Markham Are you tired of unsightly wires underneath your conference table? Conference and meeting rooms are on the rise in the office, and often the electrical and IT cables are added at the last minute, resulting in a big mess under the table or across the […]

Top Winners of the Best of NeoCon 2022

Top Winners of Best of NeoCon 2022 This past June, Jefferson Group attended Neocon 2022 in Chicago, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Some of our favorite lines introduced new pieces of furniture that we have to share with our clients. Here at Jefferson Group, we are a local furniture dealer that looks for […]

Converting Your Workplace for Hybrid Employees

Transforming Your Workplace for Hybrid Employees How to Adapt Existing Offices into Modern Workplaces Recently, the main concern for many Chief executives worldwide has been how to get employees “Back-to-the-Office”. These past two years have certainly been out of the ordinary, yet the time has come when the C-Suite wants to start migrating employees back […]