Motus Flexible Conference Table by HALCON

The winner of Best of NeoCon® 2011 competition in Chicago, HALCON’s MOTUS adaptable folding table, is again getting some attention. With the rise in hybrid work environments, businesses are looking to reconfigure as adaptive workspaces*. While there are plenty of portable desk and table options, there is a need for reconfigurable tables that are more refined in appearance. The MOTUS is a high-end and stylish table that can quickly adapt from a conference room table to a row of training tables and down to a grouping of huddle spaces.

Mute Box by Artopex

Meeting Pods with Privacy With an open office environment, finding a quiet area can be difficult. Meeting pods are a standard option for providing a semi-private space for people to take a phone call, meet with a colleague or attend a video conference. Most meeting pods are stand-alone; they do not require construction to install and […]

Knoll announces their Antenna Desk Surrounds

A simple solution for space delineation and acoustic separation in the office. A new product roll-out from Knoll – the Antenna Desk Surround. A tailored scope of side screens and full surrounds in a mix of materials and taller horizons. Ideal for clients who want more enclosure and value broad planning capabilities to integrate with […]