Rally Table by Palmer Hamilton

Rally Table by Palmer Hamilton Flexible Furniture for Flexible Spaces The Rally™ Table – Mobile Solution for Sit or Stand to Learn, Make or Collaborate When you are looking for flexible furniture for your hybrid environment, look no further than the Rally Table from Palmer Hamilton.  With swing-out seats and caster rollers, the Rally can […]

Honey Flexible Workstation by DARRAN

Learn more about the award-winning Honey from DARRAN, the flexible, adaptive workspace furniture that creates a safe and productive space and adjusts the activity and needs of the worker.

Active Chairs by OM Seating

Active chairs by OM Seating OM5 Active’s beauty is in the way the chair adjusts to the user, with a simplistic design. The OM5 Active chair series has a unique feature where the chair pivots to provide an articulating back and the base slides just a bit so the synchronized motion of the back and […]

Modular Workspace Pods by SnapCab

We recently attended a virtual tour of the showroom for a new vendor of modular, mobile meeting rooms. This vendor came to our attention when we were researching meeting pods built in North America. SnapCab offers a series of Workspace pods and connected walls designed with future upgradeability. We like their modular, flexible design and the ability to customize.

MB Lounge Chair from Knoll

The newly reissued MB Lounge is part of Marcel Breuer’s extensive work using tubular steel, a revolutionary material in furniture construction at the time. The seemingly continuous frame supports an upholstered foam cushion on horizontal metal springs that provide slight movement to the back.

Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms by Spacestor

Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms Who says you have to do everything the way it always has been done?  Soft Architecture that is durable, modular, and flexible with unlimited design options. Workspaces have to look amazing, and be functional, so the office is a destination for top employees. Additionally employees have to feel good about where […]

Motus Flexible Conference Table by HALCON

The winner of Best of NeoCon® 2011 competition in Chicago, HALCON’s MOTUS adaptable folding table, is again getting some attention. With the rise in hybrid work environments, businesses are looking to reconfigure as adaptive workspaces*. While there are plenty of portable desk and table options, there is a need for reconfigurable tables that are more refined in appearance. The MOTUS is a high-end and stylish table that can quickly adapt from a conference room table to a row of training tables and down to a grouping of huddle spaces.

Mute Box by Artopex

Meeting Pods with Privacy With an open office environment, finding a quiet area can be difficult. Meeting pods are a standard option for providing a semi-private space for people to take a phone call, meet with a colleague or attend a video conference. Most meeting pods are stand-alone; they do not require construction to install and […]

Knoll announces their Antenna Desk Surrounds

A simple solution for space delineation and acoustic separation in the office. A new product roll-out from Knoll – the Antenna Desk Surround. A tailored scope of side screens and full surrounds in a mix of materials and taller horizons. Ideal for clients who want more enclosure and value broad planning capabilities to integrate with […]