Nuform by Inscape Instead of Laminate Furniture

nuform by Inscape Instead of Laminate Furniture Gone are the days when office furniture used solid hardwood materials. Due to the slow growth of hardwood trees, it can be pretty costly to purchase handcrafted wood desks, shelving units, and other furniture items. Additionally, hardwoods are not sustainable or eco-friendly. So instead, the trend has been […]

Spacestor Bleachers

Spacestor Bleachers Since the pandemic, spaces for collaboration have become even more critical since many employees only come to the office to meet with their colleagues. Bleachers can be a perfect alternative to meeting rooms to diversify the architecture of a workspace and make it enjoyable. As a result, bleachers are becoming a workplace staple […]

Darran Honey Workstation

Darran Furniture developed a line of furniture called Honey, consisting of workstations and lounge furniture to address the individual user’s needs. The Honey is light and open but has a defined space and all the amenities today’s workers need.

OFS Living Wall Planter

OFS Living Wall Planter Enliven Your Office Recently, biophilia has been one of the most popular new aspects to add to the workplace. When transitioning to in-office work again, one complaint is the lack of fresh air and stagnant workspaces. However, adding biophilia into the office can still connect employees with nature while inside. In […]

Silent Lab Uniq Booth

Silent Lab Uniq Booth At the Neocon show, one exhibitor stood out for its sleek yet fun designs, SilentLab. While their MicroOffice Realm won a gold award this year, today, we are focusing on the phone booth version, the MicroOffice Uniq. In the return-to-the-office movement, phone booths have grown increasingly popular as employees are used […]

Davis Furniture Cova Chair

Davis Furniture Cova Chair Designers here at Jefferson Group create modern yet comfortable workspaces, and Davis Furniture is often specified. Davis has won many awards over the years, including three for their Sola Chair, Helio Table, and the Riza Table at Neocon this year. Today we’re going to introduce one of our designer’s favorites – […]

Sound Masking a Hybrid Workplace

One of the biggest complaints when employees return to the office, outside of the commute, is that the office is noisy! Some days, there are only a few people in the office, and every sound echoes, other days the office is packed and there’s constant talking. Distractions in the workplace can come in various forms, […]

OFS Fleet

Fleet by OFS One of our favorite furniture lines, OFS, has come out with a media unit in the brand-new Fleet collection. Many of our employees attended Neocon 2022 in Chicago, where OFS first launched this collection. Once we saw the exhibit, it was apparent how easily the Fleet naturally encouraged people to gather. The […]

PowerBeam by AIS

PowerBeam & Day-to-Day Tables from AIS Ultra-efficient PowerBeam adds impressive capabilities to Day-to-Day tables. Available in multiple lengths, angles, and heights to optimize space within your floorplate, PowerBeam ties it all together, putting power just where it’s needed. Thousands of table combinations, and the power to support them. There’s nothing this dynamic duo can’t do. […]

HEPA Air Purifiers

The Importance of HEPA Air Purification in the Workplace Why Do We Need Enhanced Air Filtration? Global healthcare experts and virologists agree that airborne, aerosol transmission of viruses poses a significant threat. Infections and viruses are spread 6x more in the air than on surfaces. Key Facts on Air Purification WHO states that 7 million […]