Next Level Private New Office Space

In 2021, Next Level Private launched as a fully independent, registered investment adviser with a distinct mission: helping our clients gain security and financial freedom to create the fulfilling and purposeful life they’ve always envisioned.

“As an independent RIA and fiduciary, we are free from previous proprietary constraints and have a lot more available to us in terms of research, investment solutions and technology that can put our clients in a better financial position,” explained Barry Mitchell, Founder and Managing Director, Next Level Private.

Their desire to offer fee-only services to successful individuals who want to achieve financial independence and build fulfilling lives drove them to form Next Level Private.

Still, 2021 was a challenging year to open an office. Yet, Next Level Private knew working remotely was not an ideal situation, especially for launching a new company. So after finding the perfect space at 500 Mamaroneck Ave in Harrison, NY, they turned to Jefferson Group for furniture that would create the ideal environment to impress visitors and promote efficient workflow.

Jefferson’s designer worked with Next Level Private to find furniture and finishes that would coordinate with the building’s standard color package, supplied by the landlord Empire State Realty Trust.

Jefferson also worked one-on-one with the Next Level executive team to ensure each office was designed for their personal workstyle.

The result; a beautiful, open office, maximizing their space and integrating technology, using durable finishes and materials for a timeless, professional look.