Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US

Coordinating Colors & Furniture
for Manhattan Office

Mitsubishi Electric trane HVAC US (METUS) is a leader in Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Ductless air-conditioning and heating systems. They know that success depends on a well-trained network of design, installation and service professionals. That’s why they have invested in creating industry-leading courses in state-of-the art training centers across the country. This case study outlines how Jefferson Group fulfilled their Manhattan office furniture need.

Jefferson Group had the pleasure to work with architect, Nancy Dale of Lenart Architecture to furnish METUS’s Manhattan office in New York City.  Nancy worked with Jefferson Group to divide the space into 3 zones.

Furniture for Modern Branded Conference Rooms, Private Offices, Cubicles and Meeting Areas

As METUS’s New York City office, this is a lively and dynamic space. Daily in-office employees are consistently on the phone and desire individual cubicles.  Other employees who occasionally come from out-of-town require flex desks & small meeting areas. Modern private offices and conference rooms are essential for executives and client meetings. To reinforce the brand, strategic pops of the METUS red and grey colors were used through the furnishings.  

Mitsubishi Manhattan Office Conference Room Furniture

A Training Room with Flexible and Reconfigurable Tables

The training center had to be versatile and able to support effortless rearranging between presentation and group discussion. The tables also needed to accommodate the data and electrical needs of the technicians training on the equipment. Working with the architect, we selected a product that would have everything they need in a table — power and data options that daisy-chain together, casters for quick and simple room reconfiguration, and when they are not needed, they pivot, nest, and store easily.
For seating we selected the AIS Grafton chairs – Grafton stands for endless versatility. They are light, stackable, breathable, and comfortable.  A perfect compliment to the training tables.

Reception Desk and Couch Seating

The reception area is the first impression for the Manhattan office and the furniture needs to express brand styling while integrating with the industrial, minimalist design of the rest of the office.  The raw concrete floors contrast beautifully with the polished smooth surfaces of the reception desk.

"We had the pleasure to work with Jefferson Group on the METUS Manhattan office project.

Each zone was planned to showcase METUS products so we left the ceiling exposed and let the machines be a focal point. This allows clients to have a visual of the products to understand what they are buying.

To reinforce the brand, we required furniture with strategic pops of the METUS red and grey. I am happy to say, it was another successful project with Jefferson Group."



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