Meeting Pods and Lockers for the Dynamic Workplace

Jellyfish is more than just a digital marketing agency. They are a dynamic and innovative brand that partners with clients all over the world to create perfect digital journeys.  As a London-headquartered digital transformation and Google integration firm, Jellyfish knew they needed a presence in the US that worked not only visually but also practically for their US clients and employees.

KGO represented Jellyfish as their US Owner’s Rep during their 34,645 SF build out in Baltimore, MD. KGO provided integrated services – including design, construction, and relocation management – with the project being fully constructed and relocated during COVID restrictions. 

Jellyfish was familiar with Spacestor products from their London office and wanted the continuity in their new US office. Kerry Sharp of Workplace Creations worked with Jefferson Group to implement multiple Spacestor Meeting Pods, Phone Booths, Lockers and Zone Dividers into the new workspace. A successful install required tightly coordinated activities between the architect, contractor, IT and electricians. Jefferson Group’s project manager, Erin Hanssler, and Ms. Sharp worked tirelessly to ensure that all specifications were met, standards were consistently exceeded and building protocols were followed from start to completion of the workspace.

Collaboration Meeting Pods and Single Booths for Focused Work

The majority of meetings are informal, on-the-spot and held with under 4 people, meaning a traditional conference room often is an expensive and frequently formal-overkill as a meeting solution. Meeting pods are increasingly becoming substitutes for conference rooms as places to collaborate and socialize. An office meeting booth acts as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentrated heads-down work.

Jellyfish selected a half dozen of the single and quad pods to line the central walkway for quick, impromptu meetings.  These pods provide the functionality of conference rooms, but are conveniently located at the edges of the open workspace.  With integrated video, lighting and power, collaboration and social interactions are easy and fast to arrange.

These meeting pods were specified to fit in wall-to-wall openings with strict measurements and millimeter tolerances. Soffits, audio / visuals and wall socket placements needed to align precisely with the dimensions of the pods. Our designer collaborated with the architect and Spacestor to manage the project from concept on paper to physical install.

Personal Storage Lockers, Conveniently Located and Grouped by Team Area

Throughout the workspace are hundreds of personal storage lockers and closet cabinets.  Spacestor’s HotLocker Go are modular and customizable.  Jellyfish chose a five door tall locker system with digital combination locks.  These personal lockers are deep enough for keyboards and individually secured so employees feel comfortable to leave items while not in the office.  During the day, they can store their personal items when they are onsite and working at the community desks. The lockers are integrated and set-back into the space, with customization to match the Jellyfish style.

To compliment the seating booths and establish secluded areas of refuge, we added Spacstor’s Palisades zone dividers with acoustic panels, alcoves and storage bins.