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With offices in London, New York, Munich, Milan, and Singapore, Citywire employs around 240 people. Due to recent growth in the US, the NYC office at 6th Ave became overcrowded and the office relocated to West 36th Street.

Although the main driver for the relocation was to establish a dedicated in-house studio and green room, they also needed more space for creative thinking,  huddling, and socializing, as well as larger benching in dedicated focus areas. So when it came to furnishing their recently relocated New York City office, CityWire gave us a call.

For the open benching area, we selected 48″ long AIS Oxygen Benching with dual monitor arms.  Each station also has the AIS Upton chair and a mobile file cabinet / storage box with cushioned top. 

The new location includes open public areas for collaboration, social gatherings and client meetings. The building owner, Brause Realty Inc., partnered with BHDM Design to enliven an under-utilized amenity space. The space was designed as a series of flexible zones that create places to work, play, dine and lounge.  The style was inspired by New York City’s sports teams and the result is a playful, spirited space that offers residents some R&R and moments of joy throughout the day.

"Everything went extremely smoothly with the workstations and working with Jefferson Group. It was a real breath of fresh air for me and my team to move from our cramped old office into the newly furnished space."