NYC Showroom Autumn Tours

On September 14th Jefferson Group toured the Inscape, Humanscale, New York Design Center at 200 Lexington, and Bernhardt showrooms. Starting with our commercial furniture showroom tours last March, our goal is to visit showrooms quarterly so our staff can see the furniture first-hand, which helps us make better recommendations to our clients.


We started our day at Inscape, whose products continuously strive to be eco-friendlier and more ergonomic. First, we heard an informative presentation on their history and how their products developed and evolved.

Then, we learned about Nuform, an exceptionally modern and sleek finish that is more environmentally friendly than laminates or veneers. Nuform is used on surfaces of desks and tables, as well as on panels and door faces. In addition, Nuform provides increased impact, scratch, marring, chemical, and abrasion resistance compared to standard thermofoils. Nuform is available in a wide range of finishes, and we saw examples in the Nuform Master Set Finish Kit from Woodgrain, Stone, Cement, Solid Neutrals, and even Marble.

Next, we viewed their award-winning RockIt bench, and we got to try their height-adjustable functionality. Another highlight of the showroom is the multiple layouts of the Inscape Bench, where we saw how versatile it could be, easily reconfigured for a client’s unique space. In addition, we saw beautiful lockers that are available with their Nuform finish.

Finally, we saw the cubicles pictured below of Nuform finishes with the Inscape System. 


Humanscale was an outstanding showroom to visit because we never knew how much variety of products they had. They are well-known for monitor arms and other technology-related tools, but they have a vast selection of task chairs that would fit beautifully in any office space. Some of us had to try them out after hearing that these chairs intuitively adjust to your back without all the knobs and levers commonly found on task chairs. In addition, their “Smart Ocean” and “Liberty Ocean” chairs incorporate 2 lbs. of reclaimed fishing nets. Each of these is also net positive, meaning they provide more environmental benefits than they use through production. Liberty Ocean is Living Product Certified, meeting the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria. The Liberty Ocean chair is climate, water, and energy positive, providing clean energy and water simply by being produced. Not to mention the view from their showroom was stunning.

200 Lexington

The showrooms in 200 Lexington are plentiful, so we only went to see a few. We visited Andreau World, Lacour, JSI, & Keilhauer and all were worth the visit. We did walk-throughs for these showrooms rather than a guided tour because there was a popular event in the building.

Keilhauer was the first showroom we went to in 200 Lexington, and it was massive. They have an elegant space displaying perfectly how multiple configurations of their furniture fit into different spaces. We noticed that Keilhauer focuses on more neutral colors, which will integrate into any office space. The Vanilla Chair is one of our favorites, so we made sure to test it out.

The Andreu World showroom is a light and airy space, perfect for the start of fall. They have a great color selection, with warm fall tones complimenting different wood colors. On both sides of the showroom is a showcase of their chair selection, from task seating to lounge seating, all perfect for a modern-style office. Andreu World’s collection of stackable chairs is an option for any flexible office.

JSI has a large biophilic wall as soon as you walk in, demonstrating how the reception area could look in your office. Their fabrics and leathers have beautiful earthy tones, including yellows and muted pinks/oranges. A highlight was the Native Conference Table, which comes in many different finishes and has the option to be height adjustable.  

Lacour was our last stop at 200 Lexington, and everyone was excited to see this showroom. Lacour has excellent options for trading desks, including their CIMA Series III, which includes two height-adjustable desks, each capable of up to 3 monitors when appropriately configured. This design eliminates power and data cables running underneath and has a standalone setup, making it easy to assemble.  


Bernhardt was the day’s last stop, with many of their products staged for us to view. As many of us had never been to Bernhardt, we had been looking forward to coming here. They have nice conference tables and credenzas with integrated drawers. One of our favorite pieces from Bernhardt is the Bombom chair, which a few people tested, for far too long. Such a comfortable chair with so many options for fabrics. Bernhardt also has an outdoor furniture line that is stunning. This line is on the luxury side, has a modern feel, and is perfect for offices deciding to incorporate an outdoor space for employees to interact with one another. Bernhardt worked with former NFL player and actor Terry Crews to design lounge furniture, benches, and tables. The furniture he designed elevates a space with different shapes and adds a few neutral colors with a twist.

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Our employees at Jefferson Group were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit these reps & furniture lines and want to thank them for hosting us. We will continue to do tours several times a year to see more of the furniture lines we provide to our clients.