Creating a "space within a space"

Weekly Workplace Insight – December 28th, 2022
By Ben Markham

A top priority for our clients continues to be how to use space more efficiently with lower-cost, flexible solutions.

If your challenges include:

  • lack of existing private meeting rooms or touchdown spaces, 
  • no time to construct and build walls 
  • uncertain growth plans, possible future changes 

Consider creating a “space within a space” using unique solutions to

  • define a simple seating or gathering areas 
  • develop areas for solitude or focus work
  • allow for group sessions in a semi-enclosed setting 
  • Provide a completely enclosed room with a ceiling and acoustics

Enclosed Spaces

Enclosed Spaces include a ceiling, lighting, and air circulation yet remain modular. These are popular options when fully enclosed rooms are needed. The Veranda by SpaceStor is perfect for privacy and can be a touchdown space for longer meetings without disturbing the rest of the office. Verandas are customizable with multiple configurations and wall types (glass or solid) and are very technology friendly. Therefore, allow a little more time for planning and assembling, but expect substantial cost benefits when it comes time to reconfigure or move in the future! 


Semi-enclosed spaces are perfect when creating an attractive, distinctive area for collaboration, gathering, or meetings when there are code compliance, HVAC, or sprinkler concerns. You can determine the level of privacy based on the wall design, with your choice of glass or solid walls, whiteboards, ceiling baffles, or open seating. Accommodate your team’s unique needs and cleanly provide power and connectivity through the furniture system. Well-designed and easy to install, this system is also modular to make future changes painless!    


Booths or Pods are the most common “space within a space” product, using minimal space and ranging in size from a single-person pod to a booth to fit 4+ people. Styles include open or enclosed, based on your needs. The enclosed booth allows employees to make private phone calls without disrupting others or perform focused work without hearing the office chatter. All Pods and booths have many options, such as acoustics, electrical, ventilation, seating, and monitor/laptop stands. Comparable to some extent to a private office, a larger booth can be a very comfortable place to work or meet for extended periods.  

Check out “How to Select The Right Office Pod


A reconfigurable partition system is the simplest way to ‘zone’ a space, with many customization options allowing you to create a more open or enclosed environment. Zoning typically consists of partitions to identify areas without blocking light and air while subtly controlling the movement of staff or visitors. Modular and movable metal grid dividers allow for a simple and attractive space division into zones and neighborhoods without building walls. Wire partitions often form cubes that hold shelves, storage bins, or cabinetry. They can be highly customized with a large selection of sizes, finishes, and accessories, including plants, acoustic panels, lighting, and storage, to create a beautiful visual and acoustic barrier. Connect pre-built components in-line or at right angles to create different zones within existing spaces. The length/width is customizable, and the shape can also vary. These customizable elements combine to make a functional and attractive statement in your space! 

Demountable Spaces

Glass Wall Touchdown Space

You can create an enclosed space almost anywhere in your office using three or four demountable glass walls. These enclosures can be for an Executive Touchdown Space, a conference room, a dedicated area for team meetings, or a space for impromptu collaboration with remote and on-site employees.

Acoustic, Biophilia, Artisanal Walls & Dividers

You often only need a single element to divide an area into two spaces temporarily. Instead of separating the furniture, add some color, greenery and style to your office with one of these wall dividers. This system delivers needed levels of privacy between different working zones while maintaining a connection with the whole space. The range of options and choices is practically endless, from mobile to a free-standing, more solid look with storage capacity and shelf strength.

A “Space within a space” allows employees to collaborate, work more efficiently, or enjoy acoustic privacy. With so many options and layouts available, please contact one of our workspace specialists to help you configure the correct solution!