Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms by Spacestor

Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms

Who says you have to do everything the way it always has been done? 

Soft Architecture that is durable, modular, and flexible with unlimited design options.

Workspaces have to look amazing, and be functional, so the office is a destination for top employees. Additionally employees have to feel good about where they work and their organization’s impact on the environment.  Meet Verandas by Spacestor — an inherently sustainable architectural room system engineered for massive design choice and curated for the future.

Carefully sourced materials combine with modular design innovation to create unique and patented sustainable solutions.

Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms design enables reconfiguration in a weekend. A meeting room that you can move, redesign and customize. One week it’s a large group conference room, the next it’s a collection of meeting pods, at the end of the month it converts to a pair of client meeting rooms with break-out areas.  In short, it’s an adaptive workspace that adjusts with the wishes of the organization.


An inherently sustainable product, with reuse and healthy materials at its core


Built-in flexibility allows for engineered room and space creation with endless options

Design Choice

Huge design choice with a plethora of finish options, accessories and add-on spaces

The Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms provide a highly flexible, sustainable, and design-focused solution to address the meeting room problem of today. Traditional meeting rooms use materials that are impossible or difficult to recycle, so they are single-use. When dismantled, the meeting room material is thrown away. With Verandas, every single element (apart from the acoustic seals) are reusable, not only reducing wastage and therefore money but saving anything from going to the landfill.

The construction of the Verandas is a highly adaptable and modular way of creating space division, collaborative and social settings. Each room variant can be dismantled and rebuilt with ease and at high speed by the in-house facilities team. In addition, the entire assembly process only requires hand tools.

The foundation of the room design is a 24″ modular frame. At each joint, intermediate vertical structural posts allow cross-walls to be built off at any point, incorporating accessories and customization.

Key Benefits of Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms Plug-and-Play Construction

  • Clean and sustainable
  • Modular “kit-of-parts”
  • Flexibility to alter room style and use
  • Enables lower skilled operatives to be able to install and reconfigure – no need for multiple trades like partition fixers, tape joiners, decorators, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.
  • Makes MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) simple, especially for reconfiguration
  • No mess when dismantling, unlike traditional partitioning

More Than A Meeting Room

Due to Verandas’ modularity, it is so much more than a meeting room. Verandas is essentially a kit of parts that can flex and adapt to the evolving needs of any workspace. The modular design can adapt from an single work pod to a full-size meeting room for 12 people or more. The high acoustic qualities of each panel ensure privacy and focus within the room. 

In addition to being able to reconfigure the rooms, we can utilize the external walls by adding architecture and add-on accessories to form additional work settings like scrum spaces, touchdown zones or even storage areas. As such, we maximize the possibilities Verandas brings to your workspace to cater to multiple working styles and needs.

Future Proof Your Conference Room

Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms was born to answer today’s costly and wasteful meeting room problems by delivering a highly flexible, sustainable, and design-focused solution. The construction is an infinitely flexible and modular way of dividing space to create collaborative and social areas. As your business needs change, the Verandas can grow or divide as needed, even daily!

Environmentally Conscious and Responsible

“Today’s choices will influence tomorrow’s outcomes” applies directly to our workspaces and the products and materials we use in them. A clear demonstration of responsible sourcing attracts top talent. Due diligence is required to meet the expectations of the most environmentally conscious workforce ever. As we’re investing in our future, our traditional meeting rooms are becoming a challenge; they are expensive, fixed, and full of difficult or impossible materials to recycle.

Infinite Configurations for Verandas Modular Meeting Rooms

Along with this, leases are getting shorter and spaces are changing faster; we are living out one giant workplace experiment. Flexibility & designer choice is a pre-requisite, and every piece of furniture needs to work harder to create a workplace worth visiting. Dual-purpose is becoming the norm. The meeting room has been one of the few exceptions… until now. As with all Spacestor products, easy customization and a vast array of finish options and design choices allow you to create a bespoke look yet build on a scalable framework. Meet you on the Veranda, wherever the Veranda is today.

Future-proof your workspace today!

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