Spacestor Bleachers

Since the pandemic, spaces for collaboration have become even more critical since many employees only come to the office to meet with their colleagues. Bleachers can be a perfect alternative to meeting rooms to diversify the architecture of a workspace and make it enjoyable. As a result, bleachers are becoming a workplace staple for many modern companies, defining casual areas for presentations, meetings, and collaboration. While, typically, “Bleachers” generates an initial picture of metal bleachers in stadiums and school auditoriums, many architects designing office bleachers opt for a wooden finish. The wood finish is clean and available in different stains.

Styles of Bleachers

Spacestor has a popular line of bleachers. Their cushions and wood come in all different colors to match the colors you already have in your space; a great option to incorporate your company’s logo colors. The bleachers come in varying sizes and are hollow to add more storage. While the bleachers are stackable, the blocks can only stack four high for safety reasons. The pictures below show that the height is perfect, even at 2 or 3 levels.

Collaboration Areas

Today’s knowledge worker is constantly collaborating, and workspace design needs to accommodate by providing stimulating environments that generate creativity and encourage impromptu interactions. Scrum working is a collaboration style on the rise. Scrum is a concept coined by leading tech companies to enable teams to learn through experiences, self-organize while working on a problem, and continuously improve by reflecting on their wins and losses. Scrum working requires small areas for groups to gather within a flexible set of furniture that will rearrange from group discussion to presentation easily. Unfortunately, the traditional office environment struggles to accommodate this growing trend. Bleachers are perfect for providing these chance collaborations, bridging the gap between a meeting room and an auditorium-style space. With their great flexibility, employees can instantly create the desired environment for any interaction, making a personal, informal space that will foster a flow of inspiration and new ideas.

Flexibility of Workspace

The Bleachers system engages employees with their environment as it quickly becomes their personal space. The individual blocks can stack together and “lock” in place.  The top cushions or foot plates can lift off and be swapped easily.  Each block has handles on the side for lifting and maneuvering. The Spacestor bleachers can be compared to a Lego because you can mix and match any way you like to fit the cubes together.  


We are excited to share showroom space with Spacestor as they are a unique brand with various intriguing products. You can see these bleachers and their other products at their NYC showroom. If interested, please schedule a Showroom Tour.