Silent Lab Uniq Booth

At the Neocon show, one exhibitor stood out for its sleek yet fun designs, SilentLab. While their MicroOffice Realm won a gold award this year, today, we are focusing on the phone booth version, the MicroOffice Uniq. In the return-to-the-office movement, phone booths have grown increasingly popular as employees are used to a quiet space when working from home. Pods are the perfect solution to find a personal & private area in the office.

The iconic Red Dot winning design and visually striking MicroOffice Uniq lets you keep up with the action while giving you the quiet you need to get things done. With a glass roof, top acoustic materials, and groundbreaking ventilation system, the precision in every detail is evident.

The MicroOffice Uniq Booth features, as its name suggests, a unique aesthetic in the glass ceiling of the unit instead of a solid/opaque (often upholstered) surface. The glass roof allows a vast amount of natural light to enter the booth from above. Our employees were amazed when they saw this booth at Neocon; we had never seen a pod with a glass top before.

This booth is perfect for privacy when making or receiving phone calls and getting some heads-down work done, even in the busiest offices. This booth includes carpeted floors, a solid oak door handle, LED Lighting, a wall-mounted desk, USB sockets, and more. In addition, SilentLab has beautiful colors to choose from to give your office that pop if needed.

This booth is an excellent choice for phone booths/pods in your office. Additions like these can help make employees more inclined to want to return to the office. The balance of having quiet time and interacting with fellow employees is essential. Thank you, SilentLab, for a great experience at Neocon!