OFS Living Wall Planter

Enliven Your Office

Recently, biophilia has been one of the most popular new aspects to add to the workplace. When transitioning to in-office work again, one complaint is the lack of fresh air and stagnant workspaces. However, adding biophilia into the office can still connect employees with nature while inside. In addition, some studies have proven that adding biophilia increases productivity and the overall well-being of the office. Finally, with the approach of the winter months and limited outdoor plant greenery, biophilia can significantly boost employees during their return to the office.

Biophilia Options

OFS launched their Living Wall Planter, which gives the option of sizes and shapes of plants you want to use. This specific living wall planter’s eco-friendly technology and biophilic design combine to create a flexible living wall that is a simple, pre-built system for live plants in the workplace. For example, many offices combine several planters onto a wall or integrate them into their existing wall photos and logos layout. Alternatively, instead of a planter box hanging on the wall, combine the Living Planter with the OFS’s Kaleid mobile soft architecture element for a stacked plant wall that can also be a divider.

Benefits of Living Walls

Living walls provide health, wellness, and climate benefits by creating cooler microclimates, decreasing the ambient temperature, improving local air quality, reducing CO2 and noise levels, and contributing to urban biodiversity. Creating a greener, more sustainable workplace and sparking creativity with connectivity can only benefit your company. 

OFS is one of Jefferson Groups’ favorite brands to transform spaces into extraordinary places full of purpose. This living wall planter has been extremely popular with the return to the office.