Fleet by OFS

One of our favorite furniture lines, OFS, has come out with a media unit in the brand-new Fleet collection. Many of our employees attended Neocon 2022 in Chicago, where OFS first launched this collection. Once we saw the exhibit, it was apparent how easily the Fleet naturally encouraged people to gather.


The Fleet collection encourages collaboration in the workspace while maintaining its independence in the office through the hood overhang and soft acoustics. This furniture promotes group work and collaboration, usually standing around the table, but stools are optional. Throughout the day, sitting at a desk can be isolating, so being able to stretch your legs and brainstorm with your coworkers is a great option to have.
One challenge with a table is that it is often an after-thought in the workplace layout. Resulting in the power source typically being a cord hanging down from the top surface. The Fleet incorporates the power supply through the table leg and is modular, so one input feed can supply power to the table surface, the canopy, and the media screen. All power above the work surface is hidden; below the surface, cords are in a mesh wire manager.

The Fleet is a modular unit. When configured as a table, canopy, and media panel, it is an excellent touchdown space. While employees’ schedules are uncertain when they will be in the office, touchdown spaces like this are a perfect option for hybrid employees. Employees in the office can quickly gather around the Fleet table and video conference with any remote employees. If an employee comes into the office and needs a quick place to work between meetings, they could pull a stool up to the Fleet and recharge while working.

OFS purposely put rounded edges on this table because they remove hierarchy, making everyone evenly spaced around it. Rounded corners are also better for teamwork and collaboration when speaking to remote participants through the monitor. In addition, the harshness of a workplace can affect how employees feel in the office, so the Fleet feels softer with the felt canopy and rounded corners. OFS wants employees to feel comfortable and love the office where they work.

What is the Intent of Fleet?

We highly recommend this unit in the Fleet line. We cannot wait for you to experience the natural workflow it encourages.  Connect with us for a showroom tour.