Meeting Pods with Privacy

With an open office environment, finding a quiet area can be difficult. Meeting pods are a standard option for providing a semi-private space for people to take a phone call, meet with a colleague or attend a video conference. Most meeting pods are stand-alone; they do not require construction to install and are movable to other areas during off-hours. While these are great solutions for most impromptu meetings, you need a soundproof meeting area when you have confidential or sensitive information to share. For this purpose, let us introduce Mute Box by Artopex.

Silence is now part of your space

Mute BoxTM is available in Solo for a single person or in Collab for meetings with 2 to 4 people. Sometimes a refuge, other times an enclave for a multimedia meeting with colleagues, Mute Box improves privacy and wellness in open areas.

  • The freestanding booth can easily integrate into any space without requiring changes to the existing building.
  • The core of the Mute Box is superior acoustic performance: double glass walls and 3-inch air chamber, door seals, high-density soundproofing materials.
  • The booth includes optimized ventilation with high-performance airflow and adjustable power.
  • Multi-outlet options are available to plug in your mobile or computer, and three screen configurations are available for the Collab.
  • You can choose a variety of interior and exterior finishes.
  • You can personalize the Mute Box with a choice of furniture.