JSI Vision desk

If you want to upgrade your office space, JSI’s Vision desk models are a quick and stylish choice. With a wide range of options, including height-adjustable tops, these desks perfectly blend traditional private office style and modern functionality.

JSI’s Vision collection redefines the office space with its clean lines, contemporary materials, and versatile aesthetic. The soft sinuous curves and light scale design provide a sophisticated look, while the integrated ergonomics make it a comfortable workspace. In addition, the traditionally refined design, elevated finishes, and smart technology set Vision apart from the rest.

The Vision desk collection adds modern style & functionality to the contemporary design. The light-scale work walls, floating shelves, low profile pulls, and rich materials provide a practical workspace while still looking sleek and modern. The desk models also have mobile storage options, and teaming setups are made effortless with integrated height-adjust options.

JSI believes that “it’s in the details.” The focus on design, materials, and technology makes these desk models not just icons but workhorses. They are true to form, true to function, with no sacrifices.

The Vision desk model is also available on a Quickship program. Combine individual components or a selection of laminate and veneer typicals to build your next office even faster. These items ship within ten business days after an approved purchase order.

In conclusion, if you want to bring a fresh, modern look to your workspace, consider the Vision desk models from JSI. With their sophisticated style, practical design, and quick delivery options, you can transform your workspace in no time.

QuickShip Configurations

Below are the most popular Vision configurations – Now available on a quickship program! These items ship within 10 business days after receipt of an approved purchase order.