Inscape System

Today’s workplace requires versatility. For example, a work area may need to change from a collaboration area to heads-down work, from low walls for easy interactions to high walls for social distancing, all depending on the needs of the business that week. The Inscape System is a set of universal components that allows limitless applications for the workspace – from low and high panel workstations to benching, collaborative work areas, and private offices.

Inscape System panels with height adjustable 120° workstations in two zones and a small seating area in the third zone that features a round Coffee Table.

The Inscape System makes it easier to go from high privacy to low panels, from area dividers to cubicles, from 90-degree corners to 120-degree angled separators, and back again. With speed, ease, and little downtime, frames can be built up or trimmed down on-site – with no impact on the system’s integrity or its warranty.

Inscape’s revolutionary single-frame design enables the building of thick (3.5″) and thin (2.75″) panels with the same frame and components. The single-frame makes a 2 3/4″ or a 3 1/2″ width panel by adjusting the space between the frame and tile. The structures connect with universal connectors for all 90 and 120-degree connections. Therefore, this approach eliminates redundancy as styles and needs evolve, allowing for faster installations, minimal downtime, and simplicity of inventory replacement parts.

Instead of posts at the corners, the panels attach using 2 or 3 connectors. Wire management runs through the panels, and because there are no posts, the cables can be run directly and not through any holes or apertures. The absence of apertures and corner posts eliminates barriers that restrict cables’ routing. No fishing of wires. No need to pull through holes. Cabling may be routed both vertically and horizontally throughout the panel. Cables lay in cable managers, installed between panel crossrails throughout the framework, safely cradling and segregating cables. An aperture-free system means installation and reconfiguration costs are minimal because at no point do the wires run through apertures, even at connection points or with changes of height.



Extremely versatile electrical access – above the surface with an additional panel, below the surface with an edge gap, along the surface with the an electric accessory or below the surface with a pop-out panel.

The absence of baseplates allows cabling to enter the system along the base of the panel. Cabling may also enter the system through the top or face of the panel. As a result, reconfiguration is easy and economical. Simply ease the cables out of the cable managers and lay them back in at the desired point, eliminating the costly need to cut and re-terminate cables for every reconfiguration.

Frames are available in 6″ increments in widths ranging from 18″ wide to 60″ wide, and in heights of 24″, 29″, 37″, 44″, 51″, 57″ and 64″. Stack-on
frames are available to increase panel heights 6.75, 13.5″, 20.25 or 27″. Stack on frames may be stacked up to 91″h.

Peckham Industries, Photography courtesy of Tom Sibley

Inscape System panel featuring a Custom Rotor Tile in a beautiful, seamless Nuform finish.

Tiles are available in four heights: 6.75″, 13.5″, 20.25″, and 27″. Most steel and fabric-covered tiles are available in widths ranging from 18″ up to 96″. Nuform classic, select, and pattern tiles and 27″ high tiles are available to match frame widths up to 48″. Panel tiles and trims snap into place with a solid “click” time after time. Tiles are interchangeable between the two frame thicknesses and may go anywhere with crossrails. Tiles are available with upholstery, powder-coated paint, and Nuform finishes.

Inscape System 5 pack that features a four person benching style layout with an attached manager station. This typical showcases a variety of storage and accessory options for each workstation style.

Accessory options include:
Slim fabric and metal screens, tackboards, whiteboards, fabric wrapped divider screens, planter boxes, transaction tops, recycle bins, and paper management trays.
• Optional power and data modules for easy connection
• Choose from hundreds of paints and finishes to make a truly customizable piece

Meeting area featuring a coffee table surrounded by Inscape System panels for privacy.

A truly integrated modular furniture solution, the Inscape System gives you the freedom to design with the confidence that every element will work together – today and tomorrow.

Unless otherwise noted, images courtesy of Inscape