Honey workspace furniture by DARRAN

Hate ’em or love ’em, the cubicle has been a mainstay of corporate life since the inventor, Robert Propst, first rolled them out in the 1960s. In the late ’90s and early ’00s, open desking became popular, especially with tech companies. While there is this image of dynamic human interaction and collaboration with open desking, often the real reason is the reduced construction costs and floor space used per employee. And, of course, open desking left nowhere to hide, find peace and quiet, or think deeply. And in a world post-COVID, a little personal space is strongly desired. So, how do we get that personal space and privacy that cubicles provide without returning to the monolithic cube farm insanity of “The Office” and Dilbert fame? 

The modern office should be an active workplace, where culture drives functionality and employee health is as important as productivity. So instead of rows of cubes, the new workspace will include a dynamic grid of workspaces that flows through the office. Flexible, adaptive furniture that adjusts to the activity and needs of the worker. It encourages movement, flexibility, and simplicity. Enter Honey by DARRAN.

Introducing the Honey Workstation

Honey won dual awards at NeoCon 2021, including the prestigious award for Best of Competition and Best of NeoCon Gold in the Furniture Systems & Enhancements Category. The designers of Honey, Christopher Wright and Mark Müller, have known one another for years and have always appreciated and admired each other’s work.

Knowing that you have a safe and productive space to occupy, which is both inspiring and functional, provides people with certainty in their workspace. When people are comfortable, they will thrive in a work environment.” – Mark Müller 

There is an affinity for biophilia interiors and furnishings that reflect nature through form, materiality, texture, and color. Research shows that surrounding ones-self with a design that is inspired by nature inspires us all, and I believe Honey delivers on all counts.” – Christopher Wright

Together their collaboration has brought a complementary and multi-disciplinary approach, conveying a wealth of design experience in furniture and furnishing corporate office interiors. Müller and Wright deserve a massive shout-out for this innovative collection!

The “Honey” comb Shape

The office of the future is about flexibility, and that is Honey’s key concept. Honey’s panels can be linked together to form 3 to 5 sides of a hexagonal shape. This offers users options to create open and closed collaborative zones, meeting spaces, lounges, or desks.

Honey workspace furniture is a space-efficient 120° planning grid that addresses individual users’ needs, their varied work styles, privacy, and well-being. It creates a flowing geometry with endless possibilities for configuring the workspace. The Honey curved compound panels are soft and rounded. The 55″ panel height gives the right amount of visual and sound privacy without overwhelming the space. The workstation panels are elevated off the ground, improve air quality, and allow for proper heat dissipation.

The scale is generous, allowing up to 2 – 27″ monitors on a standard worktop. Power and data are integrated directly into Honey, allowing each user direct access to 4 power outlets and one telecom plate. Designers do not have to worry about powering equipment or getting connectivity to the right places; Honey does this with ease. Honey provides a complete solution for contemporary workstyles in a single system. In addition, Honey offers open and closed collaborative zones, meeting spaces, lounge, or desking in sitting, standing, or height-adjustable versions, adapting to the way you work.

The Modern Alternative to Benching

The Open Office trend has reduced panels in the workplace and increased employee density on the work floor. The downside of Benching is a lack of privacy and personal space, noisy environments, and visual distractions. Honey’s various configurations maximize employee density while increasing personal space and adding visual interest to the office.

A Perfect Modern Office Solution

Honey’s advantage is in providing ample personal space without adding to the employee footprint. In addition, the unique 120° configuration of the workstations creates distance between workers compared to Open Desking while also increasing the employee density compared to standard workstation products.

Wire Management Made Simple

Honey’s height-adjustable worksurfaces have a built-in 1″ gap at the back to allow easy access to power without the need for a grommet.

Flexibility is key

Variations to the Honey workstation include fully integrated height-adjustable desks and accessory hooks as well as lounge seating, dividers, tables, and storage, all perfectly designed to fit into Honey’s shape.

Honey Goes Mobile

DARRAN Furniture and designers Mark Müller and Christopher Wright have continued to explore varied work styles and provide workstations for those on the move with the addition of Honey Mobile. Whether the goal is to work among multiple teams, change scenery, or have a private area to focus, Honey Mobile allows flexibility to move quickly and readjust to an atmosphere best for the user.

Designers do not have to worry about powering devices when specifying Tully Inline Power with Honey Mobile; the power system provides a quick plug and play that easily connects those on the go! Tully Inline provides each user direct access to two power outlets and two USBs above the work surface while also providing four power outlets below the worksurface.