Elevate Your Conference Room Experience

You understand the importance of making a lasting impression on both clients and colleagues. In a world where every detail matters, upgrading your conference room with a table that offers both style and functionality can make all the difference.

The Enwork Equilibrium Conference Table

Introducing the Enwork Equilibrium Conference Table – a state-of-the-art solution that seamlessly marries form and function, providing you with the ultimate conference experience.

Imagine a conference table with a captivating floating top, customizable cantilevers, and an optional exposed truss aesthetic that effortlessly complements your office space’s architectural design. The wide range of aesthetic possibilities directs the focus to the floating top. Choose from centered or offset cantilevers to add drama to the design, while different finishes for the base and cantilevers create a two-tone aesthetic.

The patented design of the Enwork Equilibrium Conference Table allows for a floating surface up to 20 feet, providing unimpeded knee space for all participants. Technology integration is also a breeze, with base and trough covers that conceal power and cabling without compromising the table’s sleek, modern design.

Enwork Equilibrium Round Conference Table

If your conference room requires a unique shape, an alternative round table is available with up to 120 inches diameter, ensuring ample space for your team and guests.

Transform Your Conference Room with an Enwork Equilibrium Table

Take the lead in your organization to transform your conference room into a space that facilitates collaboration and leaves a lasting impression. The Enwork Equilibrium Conference Table is the perfect choice for creating a sophisticated and functional environment that meets the needs of your team and clientele. Whether you’re looking to impress clients or collaborate with your team, this table will provide the perfect balance of form and function for any conference environment.

An optional base plate allows the table to be freestanding, removing the need to bolt the base to the floor.  A center cutout allows easy access to a floor core for cable routing. The base plate can be covered with carpet if desired.

Will the Equilibrium Conference Table Fit Your Conference Room?

To explore the possibilities of the Enwork Equilibrium Conference Table, schedule a meeting with our team at your convenience. Contact us to set up a time that works for you.