NYC Office Furniture Showrooms Open for Tours!

NYC Furniture Showrooms have mostly re-opened to welcome architects, designers, and office / facility managers to view updated furniture ideas and solutions for the Post-COVID workplace.

As part of our office furnishing selection process and our in-depth discussions on workspace strategy, we offer our clients a safe and coordinated tour of NYC showrooms that is individually coordinated and focused on YOUR specific needs. On this time efficient tour, we make sure you see firsthand examples of all furniture options, types and materials that apply to your project, to be sure you are making the best investment.

Recently we guided a client on a tour of the AIS, OFS and Gibson Interior Products NYC showrooms – our first since the city’s reopening!
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Showroom Changes Due to COVID

The most obvious change is the upgraded showroom spaces to show the latest solutions to navigate the post-COVID transition for hybrid and back-to-work environments. Additional open space on the showroom floor has been added for visitors’ safety and social distancing. Visitors’ admittance to the showroom are controlled, selective and often by-reservation-only. For tours, Jefferson handles the reservation coordination and surface transportation to keep the total visit to a time-efficient 3 hours.

Additional NYC Office Furniture Showrooms

Another favorite showroom of ours in NYC is the Spacestor Design Centre. Spacestor partnered with world-leading architects, Gensler, to create an experience that was no ordinary furniture showroom; it’s a flagship location and a experiential demonstration of a hybrid workplace. This is the ideal place to see meeting pods, personal lockers and zone dividers in actual use.

From Spacestor ~

Our Flagship New York Design Centre on Park Avenue, designed by Gensler, (safely) opening their doors again to welcome visitors to come and experience a microcosm of an experiential workplace and discuss return to office strategies. Our view on physical workplaces has changed over the last year – we now know where its value really lies and this space embodies everything employees expect in a productive post-covid workplace. Embracing the concept of ‘discovering the unexpected’, the space encourages collaborative experimentation, and provides a sense of discovery through multiple layers of meaning, delivering a highly immersive experience for users of the space. We hope it will provide an inspiration to designers in the unlimited capabilities of workplace furniture solutions when used in unconventional ways; from flexible, architectural zoning to collaborative areas to high-focus individual spaces. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Schedule Your NYC Office Furniture Showroom Tour

Typically, tours occur during the initial planning stages of the overall workplace. Jefferson Group also works with clients to minimizing extraneous spends by helping determine which existing furniture can be reconfigured, or to reuse in-house solutions along with new furniture.

With the increased furnishings selection available, a tour with Jefferson is definitely a must-do to properly envision your new workspace! Give us a call to coordinate your next visit to the NYC Showrooms.