Socially Distanced Workstations & Desks

In a post-COVID world, many offices will face the challenge of a three or six-foot distance between employees in their work areas. Regardless of how the government mandates change, employees will feel safer knowing their workstations encompass the appropriate social distance. This allows them to focus on their work instead of worrying about getting sick.

The trend has been for office desks to shrink over the years, adding more work centers in the workplace. The primary drivers have been office technology shrinking and cost savings. In order to create appropriate social distancing, will our desks increase in size, or will we provide more space between them?

Smart furnishings like benching systems and height-adjustable tables make teamwork easier while keeping the workplace light and airy with easy-to-clean glass or wood surfaces.

Flexible office workstations utilize modular panels and storage components to be either private or open. Selecting the right furniture allows you to accommodate group areas, departmental needs, and storage requirements. Yet, the furniture must remain flexible and cost-effective to adjust as your needs adjust.

You can easily integrate technology, network cabling, and electrical power to manage wiring for current and future needs effectively.

Adaptability and ease of reconfiguration to adjust to the changing needs of today’s corporate world ensure an effective ROI. With the help of Jefferson Group, you will assess the many options to create an updated, highly efficient work environment for your business. 

So save yourself some time and give us a call. Our Workplace Designers will review your needs and help identify the best adjustable height desk for you, all at no charge.

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