Soft Architecture

Interior “Soft” Architecture – Room Within a Room

While Open Plan offices are common and well-known, there are many issues for employees. Open Plan offices are noisy and full of distractions.  Especially after a year of remote work, trying to focus in an open floor plan office is incredibly difficult.  Traditionally when you wanted a quiet area or needed to meet with team members, you would have to reserve a conference room, or find an nook or alcove away from the open space. 

With the rise of Hot Desking and Desk Hoteling, it is even tougher to carve out a quiet space of your own.  For those important phone calls or video conferences,

When hybrid employees come into the office, they are usually coming to meet with team members for brainstorming or project updates. 

While phonebooths and meeting pods are great for individuals or for close team meetings, if you need room to meet with a group of people or enough space to brainstorm and go over documents, a larger space is desired.  Rather than constructing new conference rooms, soft architecture can provide the defined areas for meeting without the cost of construction, additional lighting, HVAC and fire suppression. Soft architecture can be a dividing wall, a framework, an enclosure, or a demountable wall. Privacy can be granted through curtains, glass or solid panels.