Inscape Alternative Furniture

Are you looking for support for your Inscape office furniture?  Do you need alternatives to the vendor Inscape? We may be able to help! We have been working with several companies to replace Inscape desks, panels, systems, tiles, and other items. We are continuously looking for and developing alternative products to the Inscape line. Send […]

Get Your Complimentary Book: Remote, Not Distant

Remote Not Distant by Gustavo Razzetti  (Author) Don’t want a free copy?  Find it on Amazon. PRAISE FOR “REMOTE NOTE DISTANT” “Gustavo Razzetti captures the return to the office/remote debate so well and enables us to understand how we can utilize the benefits of remote working without compromising on having a great company culture. A great […]

Get Your Complimentary Book: The Workplace You Need Now

The Workplace You Need Now: Shaping Spaces for the Future of Work 1st Edition by Sanjay Rishi (Author), Benjamin Breslau (Author), Peter Miscovich (Author) Don’t want a free copy?  Find it on Amazon. PRAISE FOR “THE WORKPLACE YOU NEED NOW” “Technology will increasingly play an important role to help measure, model, and manage a connected, […]