We at Jefferson Group are excited to share our involvement in the transformation of Kreitler Financial’s headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut. Their new, 5,200-square-foot space unites the business, conferencing, and meeting needs of Kreitler’s current team and anticipated growth, while also expressing Kreitler’s personalized approach to client service.

In collaboration with the talented team at Svigals + Partners, we focused on curating and procuring furniture that harmonizes with the project’s aesthetic vision and budget, all while enhancing the functionality and sophistication of the workspace. Our collaboration began with a deep understanding of Kreitler Financial’s desire for a “comfortably curated” workplace that bridges the gap between a corporate setting and the warmth of a residential-inspired environment. This vision was brought to life through our meticulous selection of furnishings that resonate with the earthy tones, rich textures, and sophisticated details envisioned by the designers.

Together, we created inviting and adaptable shared spaces that encourage collaboration and flexibility within the company. Each piece of furniture was strategically chosen to foster a dynamic environment where ideas flow freely and productivity thrives. From modular seating to versatile meeting tables, our selections are designed to adapt to the varying needs of the Kreitler team, accommodating everything from impromptu team gatherings to formal client meetings.

One of the highlights of our project is the beautifully designed entry and reception area, which sets the tone for the entire office. This space not only welcomes clients with its sophisticated charm and elegance but also reflects the high standards and values of Kreitler Financial. The furniture in this area, from sleek reception desks to comfortable, stylish seating, was selected to create a strong first impression while providing a functional and welcoming entrance.

Throughout the headquarters, the emphasis was on creating a balance between open, collaborative areas and private spaces to suit different work styles and needs. The central shared zones and the proximity of collaborative areas to private offices and open workstations facilitate a seamless flow of communication and interaction among staff.

By furnishing these spaces with high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable furniture, we have helped craft a workplace that is not only a place of business but a center for innovation and comfort. We are proud to have contributed to such a forward-thinking project, ensuring that throughout the warm and inviting professional workplace, the team at Kreitler Financial and their visiting clients enjoy copious daylight, refined details and a sense of comfort.

Design: Svigals + Partners
Furniture Procurement: Jefferson Group
MEP Engineer: Innovative Engineering Services
Photography: Halkin Mason Photography
Press: Office Snapshots