Area 1 – Lounge Area

  • Aceray Sofa with light beech wood legs
  • Palisades Zoning Dividers
  • Oxley Benches with Grade E Original Arugula fabric and Pewter metal base
  • Heya Lounge Chair
  •  Trim Ash Walnut Coffee Table
  • Basket Circular End Mocha Table

Area 2 – Casual Meeting

  • Romy Table with Maple Legs
  • Lilly Seating
  • Palisaides Curve Zoning

Area 3 – Seated Area

  • Ponder Lounge Chairs
  • Zee Breakout 4-Leg Table
  • Wire shelves

Area 4 – Bleacher Seating

Area 5 – Executive Touchdown

  • Adventure Table with Birch Legs and Grey Top
  • Julep Chairs with Cushion Seat

Area 6 – Dedicated Workstations

Area 7 – Conference Room

  • Verandas Meeting Space
  • Ligouri Conference Table with Ash Wood Legs and White Frosted Glass Top
  • Ponder Chairs with Aluminum Base and Steelcut Fabric

Area 8 -Single Person Pod

  • Amalfi Task Chair with Aluminum Base and Platinum Cloth
  • Verandas Touchdown Workbench

Area 9 – Lounge

  • Kickstart Lounge with Chrome Base and Bayou Crypton Fabric
  • Pouf with Sonnet Fabric
  •  Trim Ash Walnut Coffee Table
  •  Verandas Fixed Slat Wall

Area 10 – Flexible Workspaces

  • Honey 120° Workstation
  • Height Adjustable Bench
  • Fixed Bench with Ash Laminate Top
  • Honey Lounge with Heartbeat Fabric and Pebble Legs
  • Lounge Pillows with Pirouette Fabric

Area 11 – Meeting Spaces

  • Railway Carriage Booth with Pendant Lighting
  • Residence Work Single Person Pod
  • Arcadia Niche Booths
  • Arcadia Pantheon Meeting Spaces

Area 12 – Temporary Desk and Dividers

  • KIT Desk – Foldable and portable desk system
  • Palisades Vista Mobile Dividers

Space Utilization & Reservations

  • Software technology to understand how people use the office.
  • Measures workplace utilization and manages occupancy.
  • Data collection is needed to optimize the workspace.

Throughout – Biophilia

  • Freedom Anywhere Prebuilt Planter
  • Hexagon Moss Prebuilt

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